I’m not saying that GoPro Hero 10 is not good action camera for a skydiving debrief, but GoPro Max is a very nice tool to have while coaching. We can rotate the camera view in a 360-degree angle. It means that student and skydiving coach can see almost everything around them.

GoPro Max

The second-generation 360 camera from GoPro is a lot more friendly than the first edition. The Max is much easier to use than the GoPro Fusion. On top of that, we only need to have one SD Card and the software edition tool is a lot better now.

GoPro Max costs a little bit more than a regular GoPro but it is worth if you like 360-degree footage or if you are coaching in the sky.

How does it works?

What Apps to use?

I like to use Quik GoPro Software. It was made for GoPro footage, and it’s straightforward to use. I can easily download the video to my phone or iPad and make a simple jump edition. Then, I can focus on the jump parts I want to debrief, and the magic is ready.

After that, we can share the video by Airdrop or WeTransfer. Finally, the coach will deliver an incredible amount of footage for further learning and review at the end of the day.

Keep coming back

I’m crazy about the GoPro Max for debriefing. I enjoy it when I’m coaching or receiving feedback about my flying skills from other coaches. However, I create this short article to get more feedback from people using GoPro Max and the people who are avoiding it. I want to know the pros and cons in your mind that would make you use the GoPro Max or not use it.

It’s never too early, or too late, to become actively involved in your skydiving community! After reading this article, I hope that you will be inspired to participate in the European Skydiving Symposium 2022, which takes place in Warsaw, Poland. 

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