Who is the skydiving manifest and what do they do?  They are the unsung heroes of the dropzone. The patient, the skilled, the experienced, multitasking center of the dropzone. Really, these folks MAKE our skydiving day happen, and always with a good attitude and smile on their faces.

But wait! Are you new to skydiving? Perhaps been around a while and becoming forgetful with just how much manifest does for us jumpers? Fear not, because we are dedicating this post to who is skydive manifest! Along with how you should appreciate them, have manifest etiquette and make their day better each time they see you!

Skydive manifest is likely the first contact for tandem customers. So if you bring out your friends to jump, manifest is sure to be welcoming them with a big smile. We are grateful to manifest for welcoming people to their First Time Skydiving Experience!

Who is the skydiving manifest?

For many of us, we know manifest as the ladies and gentleman who take our money, turn it into jump tickets and get us on a load! However, skydive manifest is way more than that! These folks organize our skydiving day for maximum jumping possibility. Furthermore, they do is with ease, sometimes leading us to believe that is it an easy job. Well, let me remind you, its not!

At many dropzones, manifest acts as skydiving operations, reception/office and manifest, although this is not always the case. When it is, manifest also takes the duty of booking and processing tandem passengers. As well organizing student and fun jumper payments and waivers. Next up, with both skill and efficiency, manifest will organize tandem and AFF students with instructors and in a maximum productivity fashion. Not to mention, satisfying all the fun jumpers wishing to skydive keeping us all safe and sound.

Can you imagine on a busy day, creating a skydiving manifest for the aircraft to satisfy tandems, students and fun jumpers? Manifest has the skills! Furthermore, they do this as efficiently as possible to keep the aircraft from shutting down. Which will increase the dropzones capability of reducing wait times for skydivers who want to jump. As well as reducing the amount of times the aircraft must shut down.

Manifest and ground crew are all super heroes. They help us to skydive safely.

How should you treat skydive manifest?

Seemly, these dropzone rockstars have everything under control. Perhaps they look to be handleing everything with ease on that absolutely crazy busy Saturday at the dropzone. Guess what? They just are making it look easy because they are professionals. Who makes up skydive manifest? Manifest are people like you and me. More than likely they are skydivers too, who also really enjoy jumping and the community. It could be that they took this job, because it was their step into skydiving lifestyle, so they could be part of it everyday. Yet, they don’t jump as frequently as us. Often they must deal with a lot of impatient skydivers and instructors. Additionally, they are patiently answering many questions from nervous tandem passengers, AFF students trying to complete their course, and the rest of us jumpers and instructors!

Therefore, this is a reminder to have good manifest etiquette. Be polite to manifest, smile and be understanding and patient with them. Even so, if you are not getting exactly what you want in that moment, remember they are doing their best to accommodate MANY people, not just you. Displaying some compassion and understanding with your skydive manifest staff, will likely get you a gold star in their books. And so, when they can help you out, they will remember your demeanor and do so!

treat people with respect
This is the message I want to send to my friends at all skydiving manifest in the world.

How can you help your skydiving manifest?

Yes YOU, you can help out manifest! On top of that, I encourage you to go out of your way to help make manifests’ day a little brighter. Keep in mind, even the smallest gestures will go a long way. For example, you know its going to be a super busy day and they won’t get many chances to step away for a break? Bring in some snacks, or coffee for them. Honestly, the look on their faces is worth it, they appreciate it so much. How about if you see a big line up of customers in manifest office. Perhaps consider to ask them if you can do anything or find any instructors for them. Surely they can explain some dropzone skydive operations that could use your assistance.

Easiest of all, have patience and understanding each and everytime you go in. Don’t forget to smile and thank these wonderful people for making your skydive day run as smoothly as possible. Who is skydiving manifest? The unsung heros of the dropzone. And don’t forget it!

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