From time to time, I like to speak about the skydiving gear I’m using because skydive equipment evolves fast, and more ordinary people are getting into skydiving in our community. But, unfortunately, it was pretty hard for me to understand what equipment I needed to skydive and find information about it when I began skydiving.

We have many brands and different gear to choose to skydive. When comparing skydiving equipment back in the day and today, we see how much our sport evolved in safety, innovation, and quality.

UPT Vector 319 – Skydiving Container

I have a colorful UPT Vector on my back. United Parachute Technologies is the brand I trust the most to keep my reserve and main parachute ready to open (at the right moment). 

I truthfully recommend a UPT Vector to everyone that asked me about a skydiving container. It can be a used one if you are starting and might change gear quite fast, or it can be a brand new one if you’re ready to keep it for longer.

Do you want to know more about why UPT Vector is the best gear in the sport? I got you covered in this article here. Check it out!

UPT Vector Colorful Skydiving Gear

LB Altimeters

LB Altimeters have been keeping us safe since the mid-1970s by the mechanical and electronic engineers Niels Brusgaard and Mads Larsen. Since I started skydiving, I have been using LB Altimeters products. I have never experienced any issues with my devices or others people’s devices that could not be solved.

Ares II – LB Wrist Skydiving Altimeter

You might know that I love colors, and trust me, colors look amazing in the sky. LB Altimeters launched in 2021 the Ares II colorful collection that made me even more addicted to their brand.

They have the Ares II altimeter in green, red and blue. Besides the great colors, I like this wrist skydiving altimeter because it has a giant screen. It’s crucial to check our altitude, period—however, it’s even more important how easy it is to do it.

Ares II is super durable due to its aircraft-grade material and precise because of its superior engineering.

LB Altimeters skydiving equipment innovation

Quattro – LB Audible Skydiving Altimeter

The feature that I like the most in this audible altimeter is that I can set up four alarms for freefall and four more for landing my canopy. Also, I feel it’s straightforward to use. I have to change alarms frequently, and the device offers me an easy way to access its menu and modify it regarding my needs quickly.

The Quattro skydiving audible is designed for skydivers who like extra awareness. All disciplines in freefall and under the canopy can benefit from Quattro’s additional altitude awareness.


A good company is continually adapting products to serve its customers better. That is exactly what I feel when I think about CYPRES AAD and the kind of skydiving equipment company I look for. There are many examples I could mention to make you understand why I love my CYPRES AAD. But, instead, I’ll tell you about one of CYPRES’s latest blog post this time.

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” – John F. Kennedy.

CYPRES is always paying attention to what is going on in the world. The latest update was in their device’s algorithm. The CYPRES AAD used to stop operating above 38,600 feet. However, there is a dropzone in the USA that is offering skydives from altitudes of 41,000 feet. So, to keep protecting all skydivers in this extreme condition, the brand increased its AAD device to 65,000 feet.

There is an article that I talk a lot about CYPRES and many things people do not know about it. Check it out for more information.

CYPRES AAD save lives

TonFly Helmets

When I started skydiving, I didn’t know much about skydiving gear besides what I was seeing around. That time, I saw many skydivers and tunnel flyers using a G3 helmet from Cookie. People had that joke saying that skydiving helmets are there so that we can use a GoPro. I tried a few other helmets, but I never connected with them until my TonFly Helmet.

I bought my first TonFly Helmet in 2017. It’s an open-face 2.5x helmet, and I couldn’t wear anything else in peace since that. Quite expensive but worth it. My second TonFly was the TFX. This full-face helmet is incredible. In my opinion, TonFly makes the best helmets in the market. 

Check their website and check it out. I can also say that the only thing I had to change was my full-face TFX visor. 

Vertigen Fly Jumpsuit

The most comfortable suit I have ever tried. That is the best thing I can say about Fernando and his fabulous jumpsuits creations. The company is based in Empuriabrava, and all the jumpsuits are made there. I love the idea of visiting their store and fabric when I want to give some feedback, ask for an extra thing or two, or even fix my suit when I get back from my holidays in Brazil (I eat too much visiting my family).

Customers satisfaction is Vertigen Fly’s mission. Since 2017, Fernando and his crew have been expanding further and further mixing their passion for creating flights suits of extreme quality and performance with our love for skydiving.

JFX 2 Skydiving Canopy

JFX 2 – Icarus Canopies by NZ Aerosport

The first time I flew my JFX 2 was terrific. However, I always feel this way when flying a new canopy. The first canopy I bought was a Sabre 2, and it was so fast. I enjoyed the landings so much. After my Sabre 2, I moved from Performance Design to Icarus by NZ Aeroport.

Everyone has their own preferences about skydiving gear. Make sure to find what suits you better.

I don’t think I’m the best guy to recommend canopies. That been said, I’d be happy with a PD or an Icarus canopy. Actually, my main canopy is an Icarus JFX 2, but my reserve parachute is an Optimum by Performance Design.

I trust both companies.

Colorful Jerseys

There is no better way of feeling alive than doing what we love the most. I love skydiving, and I love the way colors make me feel. Coming from this mindset, my team and I created a unique colorful jumpsuit in 2017, and after many requests, I began developing skydiving jerseys in November 2018. 

I love to wear jerseys to skydive. I feel comfortable in the sky because they have a particular cut that reduces the drag I don’t want and increases when I need it. In addition, the material has a UV protection feature that helps my skin stay safer under the Sun, and this year we started using compostable bags and a plantable hangtag.

Colorful Jerseys new models for skydiving and BASE jumping

GoPro Hero 9, 10, and Max

GoPro is the best action camera to skydive. I think the Hero and the Max covered most of what we will ever need. GoPro 9 and 10 are fantastic action cameras. The stabilization is excellent, creating such good videos on freefall and standing on Earth. 

The GoPro 10 is super stunning for pictures. The GoPro Hero 10 has 25 megapixels when in photo mode; this increases how we can edit the photos and their final size. 

I won the International Photography Award as a Best Sports Photographer of the Year against 14,000 images using a GoPro Hero 9. But, I’m telling you, the GoPro Hero, 10 for pictures, is much better.

The GoPro Max, in another way, can produce a vast amount of videos that we never thought would be possible. When I began skydiving (not that long ago), the image created by the GoPro Max would be unreal. Nowadays, depending on what we are recording, those angles that the GoPro Max reach are just incredible.

Keep coming back

The main reason to talk about the gear I use to skydive is to illustrate my opinion and include a few points that you can analyze before making your decision. Skydiving gear is quite expensive, and having other people’s honest thoughts before buying is super helpful.

I always recommend talking with more experienced skydivers and asking them about their experience with their skydiving gear.

I’m sponsored by Cypres AAD, UPT Vector, LB Altimeters, GoPro, Vertigen Fly. It’s important to mention that, but it’s also important to say that I bought my skydiving gear before getting sponsored by them. If you have any questions or need help, get in touch by leaving a message here, on Instagram or Facebook.

If you like the article, please let me know, send me an email or a message on Instagram. I want to know about your experience and thoughts!

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