Valentines Day is approaching and you might be scratching your head, thinking of gift ideas for your skydiving partner. Love is in the air, quite literally for skydivers. And so we want to help you make your loved ones day special with a skydiving related gift. Certainly you should go out of you way to show them a little extra love this year with one of these thoughtful skydiving gift ideas!

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colorful jerseys Valentine's Day Gift Idea


Above all, keep them stylish! Don’t say it, I know, how could your cute skydiving boyfriend or girlfriend get any more adorable? Well how about decking them out with some super cute skydiving accessories. Personally, I absolutely love these cute stows by Sexy Stowz. Clearly, as the name says, they are sexy, and come in so many unique designs and colours – they really pop on your chest strap! Not to mention, every time your babe gets a compliment on their Sexy Stow, they will think of you! Likewise, each time they look down and do a gear check in the plane, your cute Valentines Day gift will make them smile.

Skydiving gift ideas

Alright, so what else can you accessorize with? Skydivers love stickers. Presumably you have some funny, maybe dirty inside jokes with your partner. Consider custom printing a stack of stickers for your person. How thoughtful would that be? Creative gifts are the best, and a thoughtful personal gift like custom stickers would for sure put a smile on your skydiving partners face!

As well as, how about some fun skydiving Valentines Day gifts that will make your partners day when they are on the ground. Nothing says I love you, like a new favorite t-shirt. In fact, there are some really funny skydiving related clothing out there now! Find some fun t-shirts, mugs and jewelry online at this skydive Etsy shop!

Skydiving gift idea

The gift of flying

Obviously we know Valentines Day is not the most important day of the year. However, it is still nice to show your partner a little extra love. If your lucky, they will be wanting to do the same for you! Therefore, no need to break the bank over one day. Although, I do have some cute flying Valentines Day skydiving gift ideas that are sweet gestures that could make your jumping partner really happy.

  • Buy a jump ticket for the both of you. Make it a sexy two way. We are always jumping with friends, but purchase a jump for just the two of you.
  • Consider paying the slot of a photographer at the dropzone. Its always nice to have couples photos, and how cool would it to be to have professional sexy two way jump photos of you and your lover.
  • Pack jobs! Does your partner hate to pack or feel lazy half way through the jumping day? Purchase them some pack jobs. Not only will you make their day easier, you are supporting your local packers! Everyone is happy now.

Do you have a local tunnel around you? Perhaps suggesting a Valentine Day gift of tunnel time, where the two of you can split on some tunnel time. In fact, you can make a whole date night out of it! Book a table at a restaurant for some after flying food and drinks.

Thoughtful extras

Additionally, there are still a few more thoughtful Valentines Day skydiving gift ideas that I have in mind to share with you. Without a doubt, I enjoy supporting our local dropzones. Consider checking in with your DZ gear store to see if you can grab a gift certificate for your partner. Absolutely, there are always some cool local branded swag, or maybe you partner could just use a bit of extra funds towards a new piece of equipment they have been eyeing up. Even Chuting Star offers gift certificates online, so you can help finance your loves next piece of skydiving gear!

Skydiving gift idea

What if you and your partner headed to some cool boogies in the upcoming future? Check out the area and find something cool for the two of you to do while you are at the boogie. Book the two of you in for an adventure hike, hot air balloon ride (or jump), surf session or whatever you think you two might enjoy aside from the boogie. This thoughtful gift will keep you two even more excited for your upcoming boogie travel adventure.

Check out my girlfriend Nathalia’s blog post on What to do in Empuriabrava , for some non-skydiving travel inspirations!

How about a custom print out of your babes favorite skydiving photo. Often all we have are online images of our favorite jumps. Consider picking their favorite and getting it professionally printed for their wall at home. Without a doubt, this would be a beautiful Valentines Day gift for your skydiving boyfriend or girlfriend.

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