Are you looking to fly more time in the wind tunnel, but not spend so much money? Maybe you want to start sharing time with others, so you can get practise flying with friends? Well a tunnel huck jam is just the thing for you! In this article we are going to explain to you what a huck jam is. And why it is beneficial for you to join these events. Maybe you will even be inspired to organize a huck jam at your own home tunnel with your friends!

What is a tunnel huck jam?

A huck jam is the name for an event that is organized at the indoor skydiving wind tunnel. It is organized so flyers with similar skill levels can fly more time, for a cheaper price. And with the benefit of being able to practise their skills with others. Its a great way to push your limits and make you more comfortable flying with others. Which is actually a lot of fun! So maybe if you are a beginner, it might seem a little bit intimidating. But don’t let it stop you from joining. There is absolutely the right huck jam for you to join and start developing your skills.

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Anyone can join!

There are tunnel huck jams organized for all levels and disciplines of flying. For example, some events are dedicated only to belly flyers, sit flyers and others might be a ladies night, where you can fly with just girls! The idea is that everyone shares the time. And you fly with others who are at a similar level, or higher. Sharing the time makes the cost for you to fly cheaper, and you will be able to fly more for your buck! So for example if four of you split an hour of tunnel time, you each are only paying for 15 minutes, however you fly 60 minutes! Great eh?

Huck jams are an awesome way to meet more people in the flying community, and learn to fly together! Its great because it gives people the opportunity to learn how to share the wind tunnel with more people flying in it at once. This can be maybe a bit stressful at first, but that is the idea of a huck jam. To get people more comfortable and just have fun. Its not a super serious training session and no one is going to be mad if you make a few mistakes. Its all part of the fun and learning.

Flying with friends is more fun!

Flying together in the wind tunnel is a great way to become familiar with your skydiving friends. After spending some time flying together, it is likely to increase the success of your skydives together as well. You are learning about one another’s flying and how to become comfortable and aware of each other. And now you don’t have to wait until the weekend to see your flying friends again! Now you can let loose and have some fun flying midweek as well. Practising your flying skills with your friends mid week can inspire you for some great jumps on the weekend to come. Practise makes perfect and a huck jam is a great way to practise flying with your community! And of course there will be lots of laughs and good times being shared as well.

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Who organizes a huck jam?

Sometimes the wind tunnel itself will organize huck jams throughout the month. They may have various levels, so for example a night for a sit fly group, head down group, or as mentioned, a ladies night! Its great because sometimes these nights include snacks and drinks. However, huck jams are not only organized by the wind tunnel staff. Flyers can get together and organize these events for themselves as well. So say if you are a lover of belly flying and you want to organize a bi-weekly or monthly event, you can do this! Here’s some ideas how to organize you own event.

Simply one needs to talk to the wind tunnel to organize and book the time, and tell them your plan. It can be easy to find attendees as well! Likely you already have a few friends you fly with at the drop zone, so you start there with invitations. Then at your local drop zones, you can invite new skydivers to come practise their belly flying with groups. Its really nice for newer skydivers to be invited and included because it boosts their confidence and skill levels! And you will have more people to share the time and cost with! Its also a good idea to post on Facebook in skydiving groups in your area, or speak to friends who jump at surrounding drop zones! The more the merrier and helps keep the costs even lower! And of course its always good to have more friends to fly with.

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Now that you get the idea of what a tunnel huck jam is, do you plan on attending one at your local tunnel? Or maybe you want to organize your own? If you need some help or some inspiration to create your own huck jam night with your friends, let me know! I can help you organize an event and give you suggestions to get started on your beginning your own huck jam events.

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