To be honest, its hard to narrow it down to make a list of the top 8 incredible wind tunnels in the world. Over the past few years more and more wind tunnels are being built all around the world. With their increase in popularity, the possibilities for indoor body flight is expanding beyond what we once thought possible. Indoor skydiving is not just for pro flyers and first time flyers anymore either! Some wind tunnels are used in production for live theatre shows or entertainment at music festivals! Check out my list of the 8 most incredible wind tunnels in the world.

Clymb Abu Dhabi Indoor Skydiving

Without a doubt the first wind tunnel on this list is Clymb Abu Dhabi. Obviously this is the definition of an incredible tunnel. When this tunnel was first announced, all the flyers in the world could not believe it was true. Now that it is built, everyone wants to travel to Abu Dhabi to try it. Yes, it is that cool.

Clymb Abu Dhabi is the biggest tunnel in the world. It is 32 ft wide, which is over double the size of the standard 14 ft tunnel. Standing at 32 meters high, this tunnel is a beast. A normal tunnel uses four fans in its flight chamber, and Clymb has 16! Experienced flyers have said flying in this tunnel is not comparable to regular wind tunnels. Its something completely different and its both scary and amazing. Pro flyers have said that the size makes it seem much more similar to flying in the sky.

Clymb Abu Dhabi Indoor Skydiving

Indoor Wingsuit Wind Tunnel Stockholm

This place is impressive. It is the first and only wingsuit wind tunnel in the world. Actually, originally the facility was a Swedish Aeronautical Research Institution secret facility, which was built in 1940. Swedish fighter aircrafts were developed here. Later on the facilities were used by the European Space Agency. Take a look at the history section of their website to learn more about this amazing facility and how it became the first indoor wingsuit tunnel.

“I tried the WS tunnel about a year and a half ago, and it is an exciting experience. The Wingsuit Tunnel will change the game. It is amazing how people can learn in 5 days what would take years in the sky. The wingsuit tunnel is relatively new, but it’s pushing the flying level a lot; it will be cool to see how it will make our sport evolve in the next years.” Dani Roman – Red Bull Athlete

In 2017, Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm opened and changed the borders of what we once thought was possible. This is a horizontal tunnel with an inclined section and you are flying forward against the air flow current. Thankfully this tunnel is not just designed for professionals. Its for everyone to try and experience this unique taste of flight! Although, flyers need to be at least 7 years old and over 130 cm tall. Everybody is secured with a safety system to avoid hitting the ceiling, walls or floors, and it also assists with balance. You will be flying freely by yourself without instructor assistance. However the instructor is there to help you if you need it. For professionals it is approximately 30 minutes of flying before you have the ability to be released from the safety system.

Indoor Wingsuit pro flyers in Stockholm

City Skydive Utrecht

City Skydive in Netherlands is first European twin flight chamber facility. That’s right, there are two wind tunnels side by side. It is a very beautiful sight to see these sister tunnels. Each of the tunnels have four powerful wind turbines and both tunnels are 13.5 ft. The building is very uniquely designed, with state of the art facilities for watching the flying both indoors and outdoor seating area. As well, the two chamber configuration gives potential for exciting possibilities in wind tunnel competitions and show flying.

City Skydive Wind Tunnel

RipCord by iFly – Cruiser Ship Indoor Skydiving

Okay so maybe these are not the biggest and best tunnels in the world. However, we are talking incredible tunnels in the world, and I think RipCord by iFly definitely belongs on this list. RipCord by iFly is actually the name of the wind tunnels that Royal Caribbean International has on their cruise ships. This takes the amazing first time flyer experience up a notch.

The 10ft diameter and 23 ft tall wind tunnels are located on the stern (back) of the cruise ships, and outside. So people get to try flying and have this amazing view of the open sea all around them. Really the facilities look very cool. The area is usually surrounded by a flow rider surfing simulator and rock climbing. RipCord by iFly may not be the coolest and best tunnel for experienced pro flyers. Although, that being said, we want everyone to experience the feeling of flight! One cannot deny that trying a wind tunnel on a cruise ship would be pretty incredible!

Ripchord by iFly wind tunnels

Windoor Realfly – Wind Tunnel Empuriabrava

Alright, now we have a tunnel on here specifically aimed at our experienced pro flyers. Windoor Realfly is based in Empuriabrava, Spain and it is a standard 14 ft wind tunnel. Although, it is anything by a regular tunnel. Windoor is home to many of indoor skydiving champion competitors. They are able to provide top class coaching. The tunnel location makes it one of the most incredible tunnels in the world, because it neighbours the world famous Skydive Empuriabrava. It is only steps away from one of Europe’s most popular drop zones, which has visitors from all over the world. So you can be coached by amazing flyers in the tunnel, and then go and transition your new skills to the sky. And there are world class skydiving coaches right next door too!

“Windoor is more than a wind tunnel. Windoor changed my life. It took me away from my routine and brought me into a new world where I met my flying team, new friends, and even my family. Windoor has high-level coaches that work at the facility but also compete and represent many countries.” César Rico – DC Team

Furthermore, Windoor is located in the amazing Costa Brava town of Empuriabrava. So, after tunnel flying and skydiving you have endless beach opportunities in the area. Also, Windoor recently expanded to Barcelona, opening an amazing ISG tunnel with a beautiful facility. Of course you can arrange to fly with the Windoor coaches at both tunnels!

Wind Tunnel Windoor Empuriabrava

Aerodium Technologies Shanghai Disneyland Resort

Actually, this wind tunnel is not open to the public for flying. This Aerodium wind tunnel is an incredible installation at the Shanghai Disneyland Resort. The wind tunnel is super unique because it actually sits on top of a stage and it is used for a live action show! The feature is called Pirates of the Caribbean: Eye of the Storm, Captain Jack’s Stunt Spectacular. Aerodium has created a one of a kind, 11 ft custom wind tunnel with no walls.

Really, it is amazing to see how the live action show incorporates the wind tunnel into their 30 minute feature. The show uses flying and interaction with surrounding props to captivate the audience. Clearly the flying is the highlight of this show, and surely it will inspire the audience to try indoor skydiving for themselves. What a unique and incredible way to bring indoor skydiving to a public setting!

Shanghai Resort pro flyers show

Flyspot Wind Tunnel

Flyspot is a must for our list. There are three Flyspot tunnels located in Poland, there is Warsaw, Katowice and Wroclaw. Flyspot has been dominating the pro flyer package market for a few years now. These packages are a total win for pro flyers wanting to fly more time with a better price. At the Warsaw and Katowice locations they have a hotel and bar at the wind tunnel.

There is an all inclusive package always available. It includes 10 hours of tunnel, 10 days at the tunnel’s hotel, three meals from the tunnel bar and taxi transfer from the airport. Sometimes you can even find promotions for a discount on this already amazing package. Once in a while they even offer an unlimited flying package. For example, you must purchase a 5 hour package, but then you can fly any of the open times that are available in the days you are there! And so if you are spending the whole day at the tunnel, you can really get in a lot of hours!

Of course packages can change, and the tunnel has different offers at times, so its best to follow Flyspot on social media and watch their website for updates and offers. These organized inclusive packages are really appealing to pro flyers. When you are planning a tunnel trip, you don’t have to focus on the extra stress of hotel and food, because Flyspot has you covered. The cost of these packages and tunnel time are extremely competitive. Its worth mentioning all three locations have many camps with world class coaches from all over. So really, it is a good idea to follow Flyspot on social media.

Flyspot Wind Tunnel and Indoor Skydiving for pro flyers

Gravity Indoor Skydiving Bahrain

Gravity Indoor Skydiving is located in Bahrain, which is a small island country in the middle east. The beautiful all glass tunnel is designed by Aerodium Technologies. Gravity’s wind tunnel is 14 ft diameter and 12 meters tall. The tunnel stands impressively in a the middle of a great big room with high ceilings and a wall of all windows behind the tunnel. The facilities are truly beautiful. As mentioned, this tunnel is 12 meters of glass, which makes it really unique visual to fly in. As well its a fantastic opportunity for viewers to watch the flyers without having to go close to the glass and look up. For competitions, this is an amazing tunnel to watch all of the competitors. The twisters for first timers are also an amazing visual at Gravity!

Gravity Indoor Skydiving is home to the first ever wind tunnel base door. This is such a cool part of the Aerodium design. Pro flyers can take this leap from the very top and have a few moments of dead air. Not only that, if you have the skill, you can fly back up and out the door to take another jump! How amazing is that? To get to the base door, you must go to the top floor of the building and enter a chamber. The staff are trained for the procedure, and once everyone is inside a chamber upstairs, the door is opened. Its a very unique feeling to stick your head out this door and be looking down into the tunnel! It certainly feels strange to make the first jump, but after one jump, you want to keep trying again and again!

Gravity Indoor Skydiving Wind tunnel

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