In today’s market, when buying new skydiving gear, including audible altimeters, there are multiple options to choose from. Thus, it can become a hard decision because our skydiving friends are often suggesting their preferred piece of equipment. Although, advice is not a bad thing! However, sometimes what equipment is good for one person, may not be as optimal for another. And so, here we are going to give you a review of the top skydiving audible altimeters on the market today. Of course, the article includes the leading market producers, Larsen & Brusgaard. Though, there are some alternative options, which are really great audible altimeters to consider!

Audible altimeters

Firstly, lets go over a bit about audible altimeters, also referred to sometimes as ‘dytters’. In addition to visual altimeters, skydivers use audible altimeters as another method of keeping altitude awareness. Although, the use of an audible is not limited to only one function. Audibles also assist skydivers in other ways. Using preprogrammed altitude alerts, audible alarm reminders are used for break off, deployment and hard deck altitude. As well, audibles are used for canopy flight patterns. Especially assisting those who swoop in their more specific landing pattern sequences.

However, please note, your experience and eyesight should be your primary source for determining your landing pattern approaches.

Depending on where in the world you are skydiving, and at what dropzones, sometimes audibles may be mandatory. For AFF and tandem instructors, some associations/drop zones require the use of an audible. Also, if you are choosing to participate in free fly jumps, it may also be a DZ rule to wear an audible. However, even if not a rule at your drop zone, you should be jumping with an audible altimeter. Especially for any free flying, high speed jumping or big ways.

If you do not have an audible altimeter, forgot it at home, or ran out of batteries, be smart! Inform the people you are jumping with that you do not have an audible. Perhaps someone can lend you one. It is for the safety of the group that everyone is aware you do not have an audible. Anyone can get carried away in a really fun jump, and loose altitude awareness. Even if you do not think that it could be you, it very well could be!

Check out our article on The Importance of a Gear Check, remember safety first, always!

Larsen & Brusgaard audible altimeters

In short, Larsen & Brusgaard are a leading manufacturer in digital altimeters. Firstly, we will discuss the four audible altimeters that are available from L&B. Noting some differences in each product as well as the price in USD. This way, you can compare the features and prices of the L&B audible altimeter products.

larsen and brusgaard company logo

Optima II

This is an extremely accurate and advanced altimeter on the market. Particularly, advantages of this audible are the accurate warning alarms. Of which can be pre-set for both high speed landings and normal conservative landing approaches. Undoubtedly, boasting in the ability to aid both swoopers and regular pilots to help find the “sweet spot” when initiating landing patterns.

With a selling price of $290, Optima II by L&B features include:

  • 3 selectable freefall warning altitudesoptima 2 audible altimeter photo
  • 3 selectable canopy warning altitudes
  • Altitude selection interval of 10 feet
  • Ability to change alarm volume
  • Individual freefall & canopy warning altitude volume settings
  • Swoop warning bank, allowing unique sequence of beeps to aid in entering optimum swoop corridor
  • Four memory banks for custom warning settings
  • Water resistant
  • Ability to set on the ground or in the aircraft
  • Ability to change between feet/meters
  • Displays altitude while climbing
  • Wearable inside or outside helmet, built in mounting holes

Solo II

Perfect for anyone looking for a simple, basic and reliable audible. Thus, there is nothing too excessive in regards to extra functions with this L&B product. Nonetheless, it is an accurate and reliable choice of audible altimeter.

The Solo II is selling for $238 and the key features include:

  • 3 selectable freefall warningSolo 2 Skydiving audible altimeter
  • Choice of 1, 2 or 2 warning alarms
  • Altitude selection interval of 500 feet
  • Ability to set on the ground or in the aircraft
  • Ability to change between feet/meters
  • Water resistant
  • Wearable inside or outside helmet, built in mounting holes


To sum it up, this high tech piece of equipment has advanced programming for accurate freefall and canopy descent rates. L&B states that this audible is specifically designed for advanced skydiving disciplines. For example, bigway formations and freeflying and also optimal for tandem and AFF. In addition, wingsuiters may enjoy this audible, due to the use of the low speed canopy descent alerts. Low speed alerts can be used in wing suit flying in preparation for separation and deployment. Furthermore, there is the ability to set ascending climb alarms.

The Quattro audible altimeter is sold for $290 and some of the many features include:

  • 4 sets of high speed warning altitudesquattro skydiving and canopy audible altimeter
  • 3 sets of canopy or low speed warning altitudes (low speed can be used by wingsuiters)
  • Ability to set 3 climb altitude warning alarms
  • Individual freefall & canopy warning altitude volume settings
  • Altitude selection interval of 10 feet
  • Four memory banks for custom warning settings
  • Water resistant
  • Ability to set on the ground or in the aircraft
  • Wearable inside or outside helmet, built in mounting holes

ProTrack II

In my opinion, this audible is a jumping geeks dream come true. For example, this amazing piece of equipment, L&B refers to as a “digital freefall computer”. Incuding the features of the Optima II and Quattro, the ProTrack II also acts as a logbook. Therefore, providing so much extra information.

Okay, so yes the ProTrack II runs a bit higher in price, selling at $362. However, please read on to learn the handy log book features included among the many accurate and incrediable feautres of this audible:

  • 4 sets of high speed warning altitudes Protrack 2 skydiving altimeter
  • 4 sets of canopy or low speed warning altitudes (low speed can be used by wingsuiters)
  • Ability to set 4 climb altitude warning alarms
  • The advanced logbook will store from 200-300 jumps information
  • Logbook information for each jump: jump number, exit altitude, deployment altitude, freefall time, speed info in bothe MPH and KMH, lists average and max freefall speeds
  • Ability to view accumulated freefall time in hours, minutes and seconds.
  • Individual freefall & canopy warning altitude volume settings
  • Altitude selection interval of 10 feet
  • Four memory banks for custom warning settings
  • Water resistant
  • Ability to set on the ground or in the aircraft
  • Wearable inside or outside helmet, built in mounting holes


Competitive brands on the market

Moving on, we are going to discuss some of the other amazing audible altimeters that are available. Alternatively, the following are manufactured by different companies. Definitely worth checking out the wide range of features. Take a look!

Alti-2 Atlas audible altimeter

This dual visual and audible altimeter is a super competitive product on the market. Not only can be used audible, the Alti-2 can be used as a wrist mounted altimeter. Personally, I think it is a great dual accessory, super convenient!

Altogether, there are so many amazing perks to this cool product! Running at $399, the Atlas includes the following:

  • 4 freefall warning alarmsVisual and Audible skydiving altimeter
  • 4 canopy warning alarms (volume can be adjusted, can hear these alarms while using as wrist mounted alti)
  • Four memory banks for custom warning settings
  • Freefalls alarms programmable in 100 feet increments
  • Canopy alarms programmable in 10 feet increments
  • Charges by USB, no need to replace batteries!
  • Water resistant
  • Night jump backlight/glow
  • Automatically changes between aircraft, freefall and canopy modes
  • Log book that holds up to 2500 jump sumaries
  • Summaries include: Date/time, exit altitude, deployment altitude, freefall and canopy time, average speed, speed at four different altitudes, speeds in MPH or KMH – you can even use app on your phone to record aircraft and dropzone
  • Use cable to instantly transfer your log book information to your computer using Paralog program
  • Available in red, blue, silver or black

AON2 audible altimeter

Next, we have the AON2 Brilliant Pebbles skydiving audibles. Indeed these are colourful, affordable, and basic! Whereas the rest of the mentioned audibles have display screens, the AON2 does not have a screen. It is programmed with your smartphone, computer or tablet!

As mentioned, these audible altimeters are affordable! Costing only $109, the features of the AON2 include:

  • Capability of up to 20 different alarms AON2 Audbile Altimeter
  • 9 different alarm tones (5 high pitch, 2 medium and 2 low)
  • Feet/meter setting
  • NOT water resistant
  • USB charging – approx 2 month battery life
  • Basic jump counter  – can view while using app on your device
  • Available in pink, green or orange

SonoAlti audible altimeter

The SonoAlti audible by Freefall Data Systems is the first audible that interfaces with an app via Bluetooth. In spite of no screen display on the audible, having the Bluetooth technology is great.  Thus providing easy access to controls and settings via your smartphone. In addition, access to interesting information viewable on the smartphone application. Also, this high tech piece of equipment hosts multiple modes.

Take a look at the many key features of the SonoAlti, which sells for $279:

  • 8 freefall, canopy and ascent alarms SonoAlti audible altimeter for skydiving
  • 64 different alarm sounds available
  • Unlimited pre-set memory banks for custom warnings
  • Wingsuit mode – lowers threshold of what is considered freefall speeds from 80 mph to 40 mph
  • Swoop mode – increased threshold of freefall speeds from 80 mph to 100 mph
  • Speed tracker – realtime feedback of approximate freefall vertical speed via beeps
  • Volume, pitch and tempo of alarms can be adjusted for individual alarm settings (freefall, canopy, altitude climb, and speed tracker)
  • Landing zone altitude adjustments, for when landing area is at different altitude than takeoff
  • USB charging – battery life from 200 jumps or approx 3 months
  • Logs jumps, freefall and canopy times. Viewable on application on smartphone
  • Application can provide altitude and vertical speed graphs of your last jump, which can be saved to your photos on your phone!
  • NOT water resistant

SoniAlti 2 & ColorAlti 2

Similar to the original SoniAlti, the SoniAlti 2 has all of the same functions. Although, priced at $309, now there has been some slight changes to the new generation. Which include the following:

  • Tested to work accurately up to 30,000 ftSonoAlti 2 by Freefall Data Systems
  • Larger log book storage
  • Can view battery life on device instead of via smartphone app
  • Unlimited altitude alarm settings
  • Up to 5 pre-sets saved
  • Can select pre-sets via the audible instead of through the app
  • Less alarms to choose from, 32 instead of 64

Following is the ColorAlti2, for $379, has all of the functions and capabilities as the SoniAlti2. However, the ColorAlti2 is different due to its visual LED light alerts. The idea behind this audible is that an adhesive circuit board with LED’s can be mounted to your skydiving helmet’s visor.

Produced to be minimally invasive, there lights comes in three choices:

  • StickLight – three individually addressable LEDs – protrude like tear drops above the jumpers eye.
  • StickyLight- a light strip containing 10 LEDs placed above the jumpers eye.
  • FlexiLight – flexible gooseneck can be bent into shape and place desired. Four individual addressable LEDs, can be used with open and closed faced helmets.
  • Additional feautres are: LEDs brightness can be adjusted, 33 different lights alerts and effects, alerts can be stored in pre-sets.

VOG speaking audible altimeter

The VOG audible altimeter quite a recent product on the market. Just as the name states, it is a SPEAKING audible, so not beep warnings. This is a very unique addition to the available audible altimeters on the market! After reading reviews, the voice speaking to you during your freefall does not seem to be distracting any jumpers who have used the device.

Although, while being designed by skydivers for skydivers, it does not have the same production capabilities as larger brands. So be patient in your order for your VOG Speaking Audible Altimeter. From my research, it seems the price is around 355 Euros or $400 USD. However, if incorrect, please let me know! Check out the included features of this futuristic audible:

  • Speaks in four languages, English, Italian, Spanish and Russian VOG is a Russian audible altimeter that speak your altitude in free fall
  • Above 6,000 ft tells altitude in increments of 1,000 ft
  • Below 6,000 ft tells altitude in increments of 500 ft
  • Use smartphone app to change automatic altitude warnings to personal settings
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Feet or meters
  • Automatically turns on in aircraft and off after landing
  • Automatically adjusts volume during jump
  • Long battery life

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