Have you ever wondered about skydiving in Italy? Italy makes the perfect country for a skydiving trip because there are endless drop zones, and so much sight seeing to do around this historic, beautiful country. The landscapes and views are breath taking, no matter where you are in the country. Check out this list of our top 7 drop zones in Italy. Now you can plan your trip to Italy, go skydiving, go sightseeing and enjoy all the delicious Italian cuisine.

Although many of the drop zones in Italy are membership based, you can still jump even as a visitor, but perhaps with a bit higher price for jump tickets. The facilities at all the drop zones are very welcoming. Many offer camping accommodations for skydivers to come and enjoy the weekend and community without having to leave the DZ. As well, many of the drop zones seem active in hosting events, boogies and camps throughout the year.

Skydive Fano

Skydive Fano is a USPA affiliated drop zone located in the city of Fano, on the east coast of Italy. The drop zone is located very close to the sea, so the view from altitude boasts of the coast as well as the green landscape . Although this is only a weekend drop zone, sometimes they are open additional days. Especially if they are hosing events and boogies. Just recently the DZ was host to the 2020 Italian Parachute Championship.

The facilities at Skydive Fano are very welcoming for skydivers. The drop zone operates a new and beautiful Pilatus Porter and after your jump, you will land on the large, and open landing area. There is the hanger for packing and also covered creeper/mock up area. The drop zone also hosts hot air balloon jumps!

The grounds are beautiful, and include WIFI, a very modern relaxing area, a swimming pool, showers, and a children’s park and play area. There is both a skydive store and the full service bar and restaurant Kerozone Sky Bar. There is overnight camping for tents and caravans, and the drop zone also has a few bungalows. If you don’t want to stay overnight at the drop zone, there are recommended hotels on their website with discounts on rooms.

Skydive Fano Turbolenza Airplane

The Zoo Skydive

The Zoo Skydive drop zone is located over an hours drive north of Rome, in the city of Terni. This is a great weekend only, fun jumper drop zone. The DZ is flying a 2009 Cessna Caravan, which is a great and fast climb to altitude. There is a large landing area and a big hangar for packing. You will also find a swimming pool to enjoy during the hot summer days along with a nice relax area.  Throughout the year you will find the drop zone hosting events and camps.

At the drop zone you are surrounded by great scenery, with a nearby mountain range. The nature in the area is amazing, and the DZ website offers suggestions on places to enjoy while you are visiting. As well, you can find nearby accommodation suggested on the website.

The zoo skydive

Crazy Fly Nettuno

Located less than an hours drive south of Rome, is Crazy Fly Nettuno. The membership drop zone is open all year, on Saturdays and Sundays. However, during the summer months, the operation hours are increased. Located very close to the western coast, you have a great view climbing to altitude, and a pretty backdrop in your jump footage! The drop zone is flying a Pilatus Porter that takes 10 jumpers to altitude in 15 minutes. Of course there is a hanger for covered packing, and a large open landing area.

For your convenience there is an on sight rigger for repacks and maintenance. As well there is a skydiving shop available. The facilities are very modern and members can enjoy the relaxing area, and for parents, there is a children’s play area. There is also a restaurant and bar open at the drop zone. Camping is also available for caravans and tents, or make use of the hotel rooms available at the DZ. Contact the DZ for bookings.

Crazyfly Hanger

Area Delta 47

Area Delta 47 Accademia Di Paracadutismo is located in Casale Monferrato in Italy. Which is in northern Italy, about 1.5 hour drive from the city of Milan. This USPA affiliated drop zone is one of the oldest skydiving schools in Italy, it was founded in 1965. It was also the first Italian drop zone to use the AFF teaching system with qualified USPA instructors. The drop zone is open year round, even in the cold months. It is however, weekends only. During the summer months the drop zone is open more days during the week. The drop zone also organizes tunnel sessions at the near by tunnel Aero Gravity in Milan.

The Area Delta 47 drop zone operates a SMG 92 Turbofinist. As well, the drop zone also hosts an AS-350 helicopter to make jumps from. How amazing is that? The facilities also include a large landing area, big covered packing area, video rooms and class rooms. There is a social bar, relax area and a swimming pool. For accommodation the drop zone allows tent and caravan camping.

Area Delta 47 top 7 drop zone in Italy

Skydive Pullout Ravenna

Skydive Pullout is a membership based drop zone. It is located in Ravenna, Italy, which is about a 10 minute drive from the Adriatic Sea coast.  This is an absolutely beautiful DZ with fantastic facilities and grounds. The drop zone is open all year round, weekends only, with August being an exception, as it is open the whole month. Skydive Pullout has a large grounds with very modern and well maintained facilities. There is a bar and restaurant, WIFI, and plenty of relaxing areas with shade to chill out in. Members can enjoy a gorgeous pool, showers, and great camping grounds. There is electric space for caravans, tents and also there are bungalows. The drop zone offers off site accommodation suggestions as well.

Skydive Pullout has amazing aircrafts, with both a Caravan and Pilatus Porter. There is also a huge swoop pond for canopy pilots to have fun on. The landing area is large with separate space for students and fast canopies. Inside the hanger is an area for shaded packing, a video room, and a skydive shop. There is also a rigger available for repacks and gear maintenance. Follow the DZ on Facebook to see updated information on events, boogies and camps at the DZ.

Swoop pong skydive pullout

Skydive Thiene

Skydive Thiene is a membership based DZ, located in the north east of Italy. It is just over an hours drive from Venice, and it is located at the foot of the Vicentine Alps. So as you can imagine, the views of nature from the drop zone are beautiful each season of the year. Skydive Thiene is a USPA affiliated drop zone. It is open year round, Friday through Sundays. The aircraft include a SMG-92 Turbofinist and a Cessna 208 Caravan. At the drop zone you will also find WIFI, a hanger with indoor packing, teams rooms, load organizers, and a large mock up area. There is a rigger located at the drop zone.

To accommodate you, there is numerous bunkhouses, and a camping area with RV space and electricity. There are showers, a swimming pool to relax at and a nice BBQ area for guests. You can also enjoy meals at the on sight restaurant. If you prefer to stay in a hotel, there are options quite close to the drop zone. Skydive Thiene also hosts events and boogies throughout the year, so be sure to follow them on Facebook to keep up to date. This DZ has the perfect facilities for spending a weekend skydiving!

 Thiene airplane

Body Flight University Skydive School

BFU Skydive School is another fantastic jumper friendly DZ in Italy. It is also a USPA affiliated drop zone. Around an hours drive from Bologna, BFU is located on the outskirts of the city of Reggio Emilia. The DZ is open weekends, Friday through Sunday all year. BFU flies both a Cessna Caravan 208 and a Cessna 206. There are load organizers available, inside packing, a gear shop and rigging services. After your jump, there is a huge landing area clear of obstacles. For those who love swooping, the drop zone also has a nice swoop pond!

This is another DZ with a really nice skydiver vibe, welcoming jumpers to stay the weekend with all their amenities. There are bunkhouses, camping for caravans and tents, and also a nice bonfire area. WIFI is available and there is an on sight restaurant and bar. There are showers and also a pool for everyone to enjoy. If you prefer to stay off the drop zone, there are hotels and restaurants very close, as BFU is located near to the city.

BFU skydiving School top drop zones in italy

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