When you are thinking of amazing places in the world to skydive, surely skydiving in Australia has to be on your list! With most areas having year round decent jumping weather, sandy beaches and a chill Australian vibe. What more could a skydiver really ask for? Australia is absolutely on our list of places we NEED to jump. And so, we have compiled a list of the top five best dropzones in Australia! Check out their spectacular locations and amazing skydiving events.

Previously, I spent some time living in Australia. Unfortunately for me, during this time I was not a skydiver. Now, while researching for this weeks blog post, I really wish to have been jumping back then! With the dreamy backdrops, beaches, super fun and skilled events. Not to mention amazing weather, it seems like going back for a visit is in order. Surely after reading this article, skydiving in Australia will be on your bucket list, if it already wasn’t!

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Skydive Nagambie

Located north of Melbourne, about a 2 hour drive, you will reach Skydive Nagambie. Here you will find a very fun jumper friendly drop zone, with amazing facilities. Flying a Supervan 900, you will jump from 15,000ft. Prices for tickets run between $38-$45 depending on the amount of tickets you are buying at one time. Additionally, you will find indoor packing, on-sight rigging facilities and a licensed bar and café. Accommodation is available in their air-conditioned bunk house for only $10 per night, with shower and toilet facilities.

Although you won’t find beaches here, the level of skill won’t disappoint you! More importantly, this drop zone regularly hosts really amazing boogies and skydiving events throughout the year. Coming up soon in March, Downunder Dynamics is back with over 12 badass coaches, this is the eighth edition of this event. Following this, Foot Fetish, a head up skills camp, focusing on exits, approaches and break offs – this is an event for experienced levels. After that, Free Fall Fest comes up in April. Which is a big boogie with two Supervans, all types of flying, parties and world class coaches including World Champions AirWax!  Keep in mind, this is just three events in two months! Imagine all the other events that are hosted throughout the year. Sounds like a wicked dropzone to be around!

Tandem jump at Skydive Nagambie with sky and airplane view

Skydive OZ – Moruya

You can find the dreamy Skydive Oz – Moruya drop zone, 4 hours south of Sydney in Moruya, New South Wales. Boasting outrageously beautiful scenery of endless sea views and beaches on one side, and beautiful mountain ranges on the other! Skydiving in Australia at its best! After jumping from the Cessna 208 caravan, the dropzone is located along the beach, so you can take in the coastal views, close by to a beautiful landing area. They also have a Cessna 206 at the facility.  Of course, at times there are beach landing opportunities as well. Here you have a few options for jump ticket prices. Check it out:

  • 5k – $30
  • 7k – $40
  • 14k – $48
  • 10 pack $450 and 50 pack $2150

According to their website, Skydive Moruya has an offer which if you bring a tandem customer, you can jump with them for free!!

As well, this dropzone has amazing facilities, indoor packing, “The Skymonkey Food Project” café, and a wide variety of accommodations. Ranging from $15 – $90 a night, you can stay in camping, bunks, cabins or private rooms. Air-conditioning available in some, wifi and shower/bathroom facilities available to all. While being so close to the sea, you can go for swimming, surfing and beach days during your stay. Also the Moruya river runs beside the dropzone and is perfect for swimming, snorkeling and kayaking. Amazing activities to check out while staying at this awesome drop zone!

Without a doubt, there are also great skydiving event opportunities to attend at Skydive Oz. Recently, at Skydive Moruya was the Jyro Boogie, hosted by Icarus Canopies by NZ Aerosports. All star line up of Icarus althetes, 100 registered jumpers with amazing coaching and fun partying! The more skydive events I see in Australia, the more I want to go!

Skydiving Head Up skill camp with the ocean view in Moyura, Australia

Skydive Jurien Bay

Next up, over in Western Australia, there is Skydive Jurien Bay. Following the coast north of Perth about 2.5 hours, you can skydive over the Turquoise Coast of Western Australia. Stunning views is an understatement at this family run dropzone. Find them open 7 days a week, all year round with absolutely beautiful jumping weather.

Flying both a Caravan and Cessna 206, this drop zone jumps from 14,000ft. Hosting the possibility for beach landings, with permission from the Chief Instructor. Jump tickets are $50 to full altitude or $25 for a 5k hop n’pop. Perhaps you will do a handful of jumps and can buy a package of 10 for $450. Available at the dropzone is indoor packing area, onsite rigger and accommodation from $20 per night. The dropzone is located in the town of Jurien Bay, and so there are numerous options for offsite accommodation and food.

Skydive Jurien Bay has private Facebook groups where you can meet up with other jumpers, and also organize car share to the drop zone. Making it a tight knit community of fun jumpers!

Check out this cool offer! Refer someone to do a tandem, and get a free full altitude jump ticket. Not only, there is no limit to the number of times you can make use of this offer. Accumulate tickets for bringing friends to skydive? Sounds like an amazing place to introduce your friends to our sport!

Want to take in more of the Western Australia area? The Turquoise coast is a outdoor lovers dream. From safe swimming, snorkeling, sandy beaches and beautiful sunsets. The area boasts of fishing, sand dunes for 4WD tours, sandboarding and cave tours! Nambung National Park is a short drive away, and you don’t want to miss The Pinnacles. Limestone sculptures, which formed dating back 25,000 to 30,000 years ago!Skydive Jurien Bay view with a canopy pilot flying around over the water

Skydive Far North Freefall

Alright, now this a unique dropzone! Although you can find Far North Freefall, 1 hour south of Cairns, this dropzone is not open every day, or every weekend. Like stated, it is a unique dropzone, run by skydivers for skydivers! It is open every 3rd weekend of the month, when jumpers want to send it, or for scheduled events. Jumping over the beaches of sunny eastern Australian coast, this is a membership required dropzone. For example, pay $100 for a 2020 annual pass. However, having this membership allows you to be part of this special community and their events. The 2020 membership includes a club member only T-shirt and access to skydiving events and jump tickets at a much cheaper price!

Important to note, this dropzone is closed during the rainy season, and their season runs from approximately April – November. The club is a non-profit organization, trying to keep skydiving in Australia as affordable as possible. As such, they are an open and welcoming community, always looking for more members to join and help maintain their jumping operations.

Skydiving Angle jump over Skydive Far North Freefall in Australia.

Each year, there is a preplanned schedule of events being hosted at Skydive Far North Freefall. First up on their calender in May is FFNF Long Weekend. As mentioned, cheap jump tickets! Club members first 10 pack is only $250, and loads to 15,000 ft in a Super Caravan. Hosting coaching and an angles seminar, and also you can join their AGM meeting/dinner. As always, members have access to the onsite bar and free camping, with kitchen and bathroom facilities. Check out their 2020 calender below, with some super fun skydiving events. Including a World Champions AirWax skills camp!

Skydive Far North Freefall Calendar 2020 with main skydiving events

Skydive Ramblers

Finally, on our list of best skydiving in Australia , we have Skydive Ramblers. Located 1.5 hours inland from Brisbane in the town of Toogoolawah, this is a family run, skydiver friendly place, built by fun jumper Dave McEvoy in 1979. This drop zone is open year round, and sees very little rain, with blue skies almost everyday. A beautiful mountain range can be seen in the distance, and you are surrounded by beautiful Australian lush forests. Maybe you can even spot a koala bear!

Dave’s daughter is an instructor at Skydive Ramblers. As well, she publishes Australian Skydive Magazine!

Around this dropzone, you will find two Cessna caravans, one being brand new – purchased in 2017. Also, a Cessna 182 runs. Jumps are from 14,000 ft. There is a discount on jump tickets with the more you are purchasing at once:

  • 1 – 3 tickets – $50
  • 4 – 9 -$48
  • 10+ – $45
  • 50+ – $43
  • 100+ – $41

However, it is important to note that there is registration fees to pay, if you want to jump at Skydive Ramblers. Check out their website for a full list of prices, but for example: daily registration is $10 per day if purchased online. Yet a full year is $300 if purchased online.  So its better to register online, save money and time at the counter. If you are visiting for a few days, they have discounts on 4 days, 10 days and 6 month passes.

Although there is a never ending list of events, boogies, coaching courses etc., taking place at Ramblers. One really cool weekly event is Funtastic Fridays. Every Friday, buy your tickets online for a discounted rate of $39. Furthermore, you will find flat and freefly organizing on every load and organized scrambles and competitions during Funtastic Fridays.

A resort for skydivers

Indoor packing huts, rigging loft, gear storage rooms, team and classrooms, gear and souvenir shop and more! An inground pool, gym, huge bar with fooseball and food and drink service! Accommodation is widely available at this drop zone. For camping, the first 3 days are free, however afterwards you start to pay a fee. Additionally, there are choices between camping, powered camping, bunks, caravans, cabins and a motel. There are even laundry services available! Wow, now this is a place for skydivers to really relax and enjoy their stay!

Skydivers landing his canopy with Kangaroos at Skydive Ramblers

Ramblers Rewards Program

Possibly the coolest reward program I have seen. The Ramblers Rewards program really allows you the opportunity to gain some free jumps! Keep your rewards card handy. When you refer friends for tandems, first jump courses, a completion package, etc., you accumulate points. 2 points = 1 jump. Although they have a whole list of ways to earn refer points, here are just a few examples:

  • 1 tandem = 1 point
  • 1 first jump course = 1 point
  • a completion package = 4 points
  • addiction package = 8 points

Toogoolawah Skydivers Club Inc.

Skydive Ramblers longest incorporated club, has approximately 100 enthusiastic members. Being part of this community is affordable, and you can purchase a yearly membership online for only $37. Mainly, the club is focused on supporting fun jumpers. Hosting four special Club Member days throughout the year. Members can enjoy cheaper jump tickets, free BBQ and a chance to win 10 jump free giveaways. Proudly, the club financially supports the coaching of intermediate club members!

The club supports multiple skydiving events at the dropzone throughout the year. As well the club holds a liquor license, and it boasts the largest, most awesome skydiving bar in Australia! The bar has an amazing dance floor, stereo system and even a fog machine. Sounds like a pretty excellent time!

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So there you have it, our top 5 best dropzones for skydiving in Australia. If you would like to learn of other Australian dropzones or learn a bit about their federation, visit the Australian Parachute Federation.

*Please note that prices are based off current postings and are always subject to change at the dropzones discretion. Prices are listed in Australian dollars.

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