Although they make flying around a wind tunnel look easy, we all know its anything but that! This list of the top 10 tunnel flyers to follow on social media is going to leave you dizzy. These top flyers are incredibly skilled in the wind tunnel and post some amazing content for people to see. These tunnel flying social media accounts not only draw the attention from people within our sport, but the general public as well. Watching these humans defy gravity with so much control over their bodies is incredibly hypnotizing. Check out this list of the top 10 tunnel flyers to follow on social media to see what is possible with years of hard work and dedication to body flight!

Maja Kuczynska

When making this list, the person who comes to my mind first is Red Bull Athlete Maja Kuczynska. Maja’s social media erupted back in 2016 when a video of her flying freestyle at the Wind Games competition went viral. This really brought wind tunnel flying to the attention of the general public, who couldn’t get enough of watching her dancing and seemingly floating around inside this powerful machine! Maja was the first Red Bull Wind Tunnel Athlete, and her insane skills in the tunnel are testament to why! She has been flying for most of her life, and it shows! In this moment, she shares her graceful, flawless flying inside the tunnel as well as her new adventures into skydiving. Truly, watching her freestyle in the wind tunnel and while skydiving is captivating.

Rafa Schwaiger

If you are familiar at all with the wind tunnel sport, you know who this guy is. Rafa Schwaiger is a legend in body flight. Currently he is the freestlye world champion and you can see why through his social media. His flying is precise, clean and incredibly controlled. Rafa has been flying for years and is an inspiration to many of the top competitors in wind tunnel flying today. Not only is his social media a glimpse into flying at a world class level, but an inspiration as an overall athlete. Rafa shares his passion and appreciation for athletics and becoming his best self. If you ever need some motivation, you can for sure find it from this social media account.

Top tunnel flyer account to follow Rafa

Inka Cagnasso

Okay, if you are wanting to see mesmerising, ballerina-like flying, this is an account that you need to follow. Inka Cagnasso has an incredible connection with her body, as a dance teacher, yoga teacher and freestlye wind tunnel coach. Her history is rich with experience of having a graceful flow with her body. Naturally this translates to beautiful movement within the wind tunnel. Her flexibility while flying and performing in the wind tunnel is impressive to watch. Inka is also an active skydiver, so we can all check out her flying journey along with her yoga fitness content on her social media.

Max Martin

Max Martin is a flyer that you may or may not have heard of, but you should be following him on Instagram. Learning from some of the best in the industry, this Flyspot athlete is recognized across Europe as a incredibly skilled flyer and wind tunnel coach. Max shares with us long-form flying videos of jam session he has with top level flyers from all over Europe. Its an amazing chance to see some of the great flyers having fun together, in a relaxed setting. Also a competitor, Max shares with us videos of competition flying. He is lucky enough to be photographed by some of the sports great cameramen, and shares some pretty epic shots of tunnel flying and skydives. Did I mention he also skydives? Load organizing and smashing fun jumps, he loves 2-ways and we are lucky to get to see footage of the action.

Kyra Poh

Flying since she was a only a little girl, Kyra Poh keeps everyone in the competition world on their toes. Actually, she takes training and flying for competitions to a new level. An extremely dedicated athlete who flies fast, strong and with grace. Recently Kyra became a Red Bull sponsored athlete and its a well deserved title. As one can see through her social media, she is serious about fitness, flying and having fun. She shares a look into her life with us, and we get to see how she trains inside and outside the tunnel to be a flexible and strong flyer. You can check out her team flying with Xuan Yi on Team Firefly Singapore. Together they created some amazing routines and won countless competitions! These girls fly FAST!

Tunnel flyer social media account

Martin Kristensen

Following this account is really going to increase your knowledge of body flight. If you are into that sort of thing of course! Martin Kristensen is a champion and master of tunnel flying. As well, he teaches body flight to people all around the world. Actually he even seems to have the ability to teach and coach us from his social media account! If you watch his tunnel flying videos, and read his captions, he is often explaining what he is doing, why he is doing it or what progression can come from practising particular skills. He shares some incredible, clean flying session along with other greats in the tunnel flying world.

Leonid Volkov

Leo Volkov is an especially great wind tunnel flyer account to follow on social media due to his intense dedication to body flight progression. Actually, Leo has created his own fight school called TunnelSport. You should follow both his personal and business account for complete access to his flying world. Dedicated to teaching and bringing body flight to everyone he can, Leo’s social media accounts are full of beautiful flying images. Also sharing informative flying videos, breaking down positions and glimpses into his coaching. Truly a creative master in our sport, Leo holds nothing back, he teaches, impresses and entertains us all with his unique take on wind tunnel flying.

Tunnel Flyer Leo Volkov

Christopher Patz

Chris Patz is a skydiving and tunnel coach in Southern California. Basically a super stoked all-American guy of the industry. His Instagram account is is full of great tunnel and skydiving content, including many videos from his tunnel sessions. Its a great account to check out for watching amazing fliers completely shredding the skies and the tunnel. Really, you can see his passion and hunger for learning and exploring his development in the sport. Chris has began to organize tunnel and skydiving events, and the outcome is looking amazing so far.

Martin Dedek

Indoor skydiving athlete and coach Martin Dedek has a pretty impressive social media account. Its full of tunnel flying content that will leave you blown away. Martin shares with us flying jam sessions he has with other amazing flyers as well as flying with his students. Since Martin is a dedicated tunnel coach, you can get an idea of what he helps his students achieve. He generously shares with us inspiration videos of his own trainings, so we can watch what it takes to work on perfecting flying. As an indoor tunnel competitor you can also see some footage of his past competition routines, which are obviously amazing. And of course we are graced with amazing photos and footage of his impressive skydiving!

Sydney Kennett

This is one cool chick! Sydney Kennett is an incredibly talented young wind tunnel flyer, and she is a complete badass! Flying since she was just a child, Sydney has also been participating in international competitions for years now. In fact, she is a three times USA Junior Freestyle champion. With her gymnastic-like flexibility, she creates and flies unbelievable freestlye routines. Following along her social media account you will quickly see why this young lady is such a badass. Sydney flies in the tunnel, skateboards, skies, wakeboards and rides dirt bikes. So along with her really cool tunnel flying content, she shares with us her general love of being a Colorado mountain kid! It will be a pleasure to see what else Sydney crushes in her years to come.

Sydney Kennet social media

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