This week I want to share with you all the top 10 skydivers to follow on social media. These accounts showcase some of the best views from the top, awesome canopy piloting, funny memes and in general just skydiving goodness! These accounts give us a glimpse into the dedication and effort athletes put into pursuing their passion. Check out this list of the top 10 skydivers to follow on social media for a binge worthy afternoon of scrolling skydiving content.

PD Factory Team

Basically this is canopy porn. If you are a fan of insane canopy piloting skills, then this social media account is going to be heaven on earth for you. This is a dream team of highly experienced canopy pilots who share a vision to “bring high-speed precision canopy flight to the masses, in a way ever seen before”. The PD Factory Team page is canopy bliss. Photos of swooping, formations, XRW, you name it, they got everything you need and more to get your canopy fix.

Ewan Cowie Photography

Chances are if you scroll skydiving photos on social media, you have already seen some of Ewan Cowie’s photography. In fact, the blog shares his images often as well. Ewan is a professional skydiving photographer and videoman. He has worked with some noteworthy athletes in industry. From past projects with Jetman in Dubai to currently flying with AirWax Freefly world champions. Ewan’s photos are perfectly timed, gorgeously crisp images from amazing skydives all over the world. Skydivers and non-jumpers alike can appreciate the quality of his work and images.

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Amber Forte

This badass woman is a must have on our list of top 10 skydive pages to follow. Amber Forte is a professional air sport athlete, wingsuiter, basejumper and skydiving legend. She also holds the record for the fastest woman in the world in a wingsuit! Actually, in general she is a motivating and inspiring individual in the air and on the ground. Not only does Amber share some pretty incredible air sport content. The way she shares her journey through her words online is inspiring for personal growth and overcoming obstacles. Amber is an absolute force and we can all appreciate her sharing her determination to pursue flight.

Juan Mayer Photography

In the skydiving industry, Juan Mayer is well known for his photography and videography. Juan has photographed many big way skydiving formations and amazing skydiving boogies. His social media is worth a follow if you want to see spectacular photos of unreal skydiving destinations and his unique point of view from skydives. Juan has many accomplishments under his belt such as publishing his own skydiving photography book. As well, he was part of the Mission Impossible Fallout movie team, working on testing cameras and lenses in freefall for the skydiving scene.

Will Penny

Alright, so its pretty likely if you are on Instagram and you like skydiving accounts, you will already be following Will Penny. Skydiving World Champion and full time skydiver, Will shares some pretty fantastic images on his social media. Not only is he able to jump at some pretty dreamy locations, he shares some amazing footage of his awe inspiring canopy skills. How could you not want to see his colourful canopies flying and swooping over great locations all across the world? Will also shares some pretty skilled and clean jumps he makes with other jumpers that you won’t want to miss.

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Adrian Daszowski

Adrian has a great Instagram account, full of amazing skydiving, paragliding and tunnel content. Being a professional camera flyer, Adrian Daskowski attends and works some epic skydiving events and camps each year. From these events, we get to see his amazing photographs and videos of some of the sports best shredders. Not only a camera flyer, but he is also an instructor for Alter Ego, an AFFI, tunnel instructor and a paragliding pilot. So without a doubt, you are always going to find some amazing flying content on his page. This is definitely an account that is worth a follow!

AirWax Freefly

This dynamic duo, Greg and Karine, are skydiving world champions and world record holders. They share an unbelievable and powerful flow together as flyers. AirWax Freefly shares both skydiving and tunnel content. I am often completely mesmerized by their unique flying together. Sporting matching gear, these two create some epic shots. Not to mention the amazing backdrop they often have in their photos, since they are coaching and hosting skydiving events all over the globe. This is a fun and creative account you need to be following so you can see just what is possible in flying.

Skydiving Airwax

Dani Roman

Professional Red Bull Athlete Dani Roman for sure makes it in the top skydiving accounts to follow on social media. Here you find wingsuit, skydiving and base jumping content at a top tier level. Dani is living the dream as a professional athlete and coach. Pushing his limits and constantly growing his skills in his wingsuit. Dani’s social media is literally photo after photo, video after video of unreal wingsuit footage. For all those folks who dream of flying in a wingsuit, this is the account for you. Dani plays around with other legends of the sport, creating some sick footage of XRW and wingsuit flying. He also coaches in the wingsuit wind tunnel, and show’s off his skills in the tube on his page as well.

Christopher Patz

Chris Patz is a skydiving and tunnel coach in Southern California. Basically a super stoked all-American guy of the skydiving industry. His Instagram account is is full of great skydiving content, including many videos from skills camps he attends. Its a great account to check out for watching great fliers completely shredding the skies. Really, you can see his passion and hunger for learning and exploring his development in the sport. Chris has began to organize skydiving events, and the outcome is looking amazing so far. Not to mention he is an impressive tunnel flier, and shares some of his sessions for us all to enjoy.

Amy Chmelecki

Its so important to celebrate the amazing woman in our sport. Of course I include Red Bull Athlete Amy Chmelecki on our top 10 skydivers to follow on social media. Amy is a perfect example of a dedicated skydiver who followed her passion to make it her profession. Amy plays among the best in the sky, and is a rock star flying her body, wingsuit and her canopy.  As well, she represents women in our sport, and we are lucky to have her advocating for female skydivers. Although her social media full of amazing skydive videos and photographs, it also is a place where she encourages woman to work hard for their dreams. Amy speaks to female skydivers to pursue their goals and equality in our sport and in life.

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