Some of the best drop zones in the world are in Europe. With multiple coastlines, mountain ranges, cultures, and languages all just hours apart, there is much to explore in this part of the world. To be honest, it’s hard to narrow it down, but these are, for me, the top 10 drop zones in Europe.

Algarve, Portugal

Skydive Algarve
With some of the most beautiful coastline in Europe and blue skies year-round, there is plenty to see and do in Portugal. The Algarve, in the south, is all about beaches, seafood, and historic sites. At the drop zone, you’ll find a cafe and gear store as well as a spectacular view of the Portugeuse coasline.
PRICES: tandem from €119 AFF Level 1: €570 licensed jumpers: €27.90 to €31 per jump
PLANES: Twin Turbine Dornier G92 and Super Caravan
OPEN: every day of the year
EVENTS: Christmas Boogie From December 21st to January 3rd, you can expect to jump from 15,000 feet all day long with organized dinners, parties, and tons of coaches in FS, FF, and WS.

Cornwall, UK

Cornish Parachute Club
Cornwall is known for its wild moorlands, varied coastlines, historic villages, and beautiful, mild climate. This drop zone has a cozy clubhouse and cafe, but the real draw is the breathtaking coastal view and the landing area on the beach––a distinction setting it aside from any other drop zone in the UK.
PRICES: Tandem starting at £219, AFF courses at £1500, licensed jumpers- £20 per jump
PLANES: Cessna 206
OPEN: Fri-Sun Year-round
EVENTS: None listed

Bled, Slovenia

3Glav adventures
Located against a backdrop of the Julian Alps and the Karavanke, Bled is an unforgettably scenic location. There is a castle and a lake to explore, and untold levels of hiking and biking available. And of course, just a short distance away, top-notch skydiving.
PRICES: tandem starting at €220
OPEN: Wednesday to Sunday
EVENTS: None to speak of

Bouloc, France

Bouloc Skydive
Located in the gorgeous Quercy region of France, this drop zone offers indoor packing areas, a swimming pool, lodging, an on-site restaurant and sports coats for amusement.
PRICES: tandem from €193 AFF: €340 licensed jumpers: €16.50-€24.50 per jump
PLANES: 2 Pilatus Porter PC6 B2H4 (FGOMB & FGOCC)
OPEN: Open March to November, with tandem jumps Friday-Monday
EVENTS: Breaktime Boogie from the 15th to the 24th of August featuring jumps, parties, massages, and barbecues.

Budapest, Hungary

Skydive Balaton
A 90 minute drive from Budapest, you can find this drop zone, which is distinctive in that you can jump from a helicopter rather than a plane. Boasting hotel-like accommodations, a bar and restaurant, showers, and camping, this gem in the
PRICES: Tandem from €150, licensed jumpers from €23
PLANES: 2 Mil Mi-8 Helicopters
OPEN: Weekends, or during the week by appointment.
EVENTS: none on website

Empuriabrava, Spain

Skydive Empuriabrava
Set in Girona, in the north of Spain, this is one of the most popular drop zones in the world, and for good reason. Featuring a wind tunnel, swimming pool, bunkhouse, showers, camping, a restaurant, and indoor packing area, the facility is top notch. But the real reason to jump here is the unparalleled view.
PRICES: Wind tunnel: starting at $40, tandem from €273, licensed jumpers from €32.8
PLANES: 1 Super Otter; 1 Super Pilatus Porter, 1 Beech 99
OPEN: Year-round
EVENTS: Easter and Christmas boogies are regular occurrences.

Fano, Italy

Skydive Fano
An Adriatic Sea beach resort town with thousands of years of rich history, there is much to see and do, from visiting Roman ruins to checking out the art museum. Fano also presents a unique opportunity to jump from a hot air balloon against a coastal backdrop. Camping, a pool, playground and a restaurant make this a friendly, fun drop zone.
PRICES: Tandem from €159, licensed jumpers from €32.8
PLANES: 2 Pilatus Porter PC6 (T7 TBZ), hot air balloon in summer
OPEN: Year-round on weekends, Every day from 9am to 8:30PM June 1st to August 31st.
EVENTS: Spring Boogie

Interlaken, Switzerland

Outdoor Interlake
No top 10 drop zones in Europe list is complete without mentioning Interlaken. With an unbelievable view view of the snow-capped Alps, this drop zone offers a restaurant, bunk house, swimming pool, camping, showed, and more.
PRICES: Tandem from CHF 395, licensed jumpers from CHF 50
PLANES: Helicopter Ecureuil B3, & C 206 Thielert Diesel
OPEN: Year-round
EVENTS: None mentioned on site

Unterschüpf, Germany

Nestled in between Frankfurt and Nuremberg, in the heart of Bavaria is the relaxed drop zone of Skytandem. Enjoy their on-site restaurant and their friendly staff year-round. In nearby Stuttgart, an indoor wind tunnel is available for training.
PRICES: tandem from €199 AFF: €359 licensed jumpers: €30 per jump
PLANES: 300 PS Turbo Cessna
OPEN: Weekends
EVENTS: None to speak of

Voss, Norway

Skydive Voss
Located in the western part of Norway, you can expect some awe-inspiringly beautiful scenery at this drop zone. This is a fully-equipped facility with gear rental, a restaurant, bunkhouse, camping, showers, and laundry. Equipped with a wind tunnel only five minutes from the drop zone, and innhopps every Friday– these Norwegians know how to show skydivers a good time.
PRICES: tandem from 3,350NOK, AFF training from 14,990NOK, licensed jumpers: 260NOK (~€26.6)
PLANES: Grand Caravan
OPEN: From the last weekend in April to the first week of October
EVENTS: Extreme Sports Week- A full week hosting the largest extreme sport festival in the world with kayaking, rafting, skateboarding, skydiving, and much more. This enormous festival includes three days of music and relies heavily on volunteers from around the world.

Skydiving Voss Norway AFF Course

There are many spectacular places to explore, on the ground and in the sky, so pack up your gear and find your top 10 drop zones in Europe.

When you do, please report back on your experiences so that we can build the best top 10 European drop zones list together!

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  1. Charlie October 9, 2019 at 11:09 am

    Hi Francesca,

    That’s a pretty good list. I’d also add Skydive Spain to the list, they’re on the same level as Algarve. If anyone is looking to get into skydiving then checkout . There’s also a drop zone finder tool and user reviews on the site that can help you choose a good spot.

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