Reed Rickert and Rémi Angéli have recently received an award from National Geographic with the short film The Flip. This BASE Jumping and skydiving movie is the 2019 National Geographic Wild To Inspire Short Film Competition Winner. Surely you must know how important that is for the skydiving and BASE jumping community. Not often do we have the opportunity to celebrate our sports winning something of such significance. Even more when it is a such recognizable prize as the Nat Geo Wild To Inspire Short Film Contest.

Movie: The Flip

If you can’t see the plugin, click here to watch the movie The Flip by Reed Rickert

What drives us to step beyond the bounds of what we know, even when the stakes are high and possibly fatal? The Flip is a short adventure sports documentary film featuring French skydiver Rémi Angéli. Following him as he attempts his first ever gainer, while BASE jumping from a bridge in Mexico. This gripping story connects with a more universal human experience, when Remi’s motivations become clear and he must confront his fears. On the other side of his fears Rémi discovers life in its purist form.

About the Crew

Rémi Angéli was born in Avignon, France where he began his career by working his way up in the world of skydiving. For the past 9 years Remi has lived in Mexico. Presently, he continues to travel the world working as a freefly coach and organizing skydiving events. Rémi currently has over 12.500 skydiving jumps. While he is just beginning to explore the discipline of BASE jumping, registering only 30 jumps. Rémi also has another documentary that tell us about his first BASE jumping called Independence Peak (2017).

Reed Rickert is an award winning documentary filmmaker. Reed has produced, directed, photographed and edited various documentaries, TV programs and commercials in USA, Mexico, France, Morocco and Spain. In fact, he is a two-time finalist of National Geographic’s Wild To Inspire Short Film Competition. Successfully winning in 2019 the Nat Geo Short Film Contest, with his film The Flip. As well as, in 2009 Reed won the Latino Public Broadcasting Open Call Award to make the feature documentary, The Third Root. Reed was a division I soccer player at the University of Maryland where he began his studies in Anthropology. Afterwards graduating from California College of the Arts with a BFA in Film/Video. Reed is an avid rock climber and explorer. As a result, he is drawn to stories in adventure sports, music, and nature and cultural conservation.

Remi Angeli at The Flip - Nat Geo Wild To Inspire Short Film Contest - ready to BASE jumping.
Rémi Angéli – The Flip

NatGeo Wild to Inspire Short Film Contest

Every year the Nat Geo Wild To Inspire Short Film Contest seeks short films from filmmakers. With a goal in responding to a specific theme and challenge. The 2019 contest focused on Everyday Explorers: those among us who inspire exploration with their curiosity and determination.

For more than 130 years, National Geographic has invested in bold people and transformative ideas across the globe. With an aim of bettering our understanding of the natural world.

“Only if we understand, will we care. Only if we care, will we help. Only if we help, shall all be saved.” – National Geographic Explorer Dr. Jane Goodall

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