Thank you, thank you and thank you!

Guys, it was amazing to see all the new and old faces at the Colorful Jerseys Boogie and during my stay in California! I really love my sky fam and, once again, I received the support I was expecting and even more.

Bigger than a Colorful Boogie, bigger than the Colorful brand is the message behind these colors. I want to share a dream; I want to share my feelings, I want to share my life and the way I live. And… The best way I know to do this is by delivering experiences. I love to create experiences where I can give others the chance to experience the joy I do– a skydiving festival feels like a start.

My dream is to bring more people into skydiving and give back to the skydiving community. This voice in my head says that everyone should know how amazing it is to skydive and be able to enjoy a simple moment for a few seconds, as a skydivers do.

Since 2015, I’ve had the pleasure of collecting stories with most of you. My skydiving journey is beautiful, and I am grateful. When I started skydiving, I heard stories about great skydivers, the Skygods. I heard about Olav Zipster and how he created freefly, the first freefly school, and a meteorology specific to the sport.

A few months later, I saw an incredible picture of him in Dubai, another place I started to dream about it. Since then, I always wanted to jump over the Palm at Skydive Dubai! However, I thought that all this was a impossible dream, I’d never meet him or even jump in Dubai. Dude, you need 1000 jumps to do that! It was so far away. I could never have imagined my life today.

I’ve got a great family, I’ve got terrific people around me, I’ve got friends, I’ve got a girl who is always supporting my most crazy ideas and… Well, I’m very lucky.

friends together after skydiving jump skydiving legends Olav Zipser

So, today I just want to say thank you! I hope everyone enjoyed the Colorful Boogie. Everyone who should be there was there. That is the most powerful magic of the universe – What is supposed to happen just happens.

We are fortunate people. We are surrounded by other folks who have found something they truly love in their lives. This might seem ordinary because we see those people every weekend at the drop zone, but it’s not! Usually, people keep looking for something, that sparkle in their eyes, for their entire lives. We found it, so let’s not waste it. It is a gift!

Colorful Jerseys is the perfect tool to help me organize experiences like the Colorful Jerseys Boogie at Skydance Skydiving –we brought terrific people together and enjoyed life to the fullest. It is so great to see so many people wearing Colorful Jerseys–an incredible experience I’m grateful for! This also gives me the motivation to keep going! We are in a circle, and I’ll always try to deliver more and greater experiences. I’ll do it to the best of my ability, and with your support, we are invincible.

Thank you to the Skydance Skydiving Crew – We work great as a team and we nailed it. We had only a few days to work it out, and we did.

Olav Zipser, Luke Echeverria, Eric Willett and TJ Landgren thank you for organizing the jumps and the wind tunnel. We had only great jumps and all the fun was made by you guys!

Jorge Lopez and Thomas Grana thank you so much for the party! You guys are rockstars! I was so glad to see you guys! Thomas, congratulation again on your wedding and with your little kid!
Nathalia Bassegio, thank you for helping me out. You’re the one who holds me straight when I think about quitting. Thank you for building this dream with me. You’re the person I count on the most.

Velocity Skydiving Equipment, Generosity Mutual, Hatz Gear, Blue Skies Mag, Rider Sandals | Thank you guys for believing in my dreams. New projects are coming, and I hope to have all of you with me again and again.

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