Mobiles are one of the most common and popular personal devices that exist. They keep us connected to our friends, family, communities, and networks. As a skydiving enthusiast, you can now harness the power of your cell phone and an app to connect you with more than you ever imagined.

The Squifly App is a free platform that helps skydivers stay connected with the skydiving community, stay up to date with vital information, and network across the globe. Its easy-to-use interface allows users to quickly and easily navigate the app and log their data accurately.

Squifly Story

Squifly App was created by a team of three avid skydivers passionate about the skydiving community. Their goal is to make access to content and information about skydiving simpler, faster, and more efficient. They created the app with their own time and money and offer it to our skydiving community free of charge and ad-free. The app is available in seven languages: English, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, French, and Portuguese.

The creators recognized that managing multiple apps, social media accounts, and websites to find skydiving information and boogies has become tedious and time-consuming. The Squifly App solves many pain points and more with its extensive knowledge base, maps, resources, and user-generated content.

Users are encouraged to give feedback and input to help the skydiving app creators optimize and grow it meeting the needs of the skydiving community. In addition, they actively and consistently add more content and features to enhance the adventure skydivers have with the sport. As this is an app for skydivers by skydivers, the skydiving community can help make this an unparalleled experience for users everywhere.

Squifly app interface

Key Features of the Squifly App

Signing up for the Squifly App is as simple as downloading the app from the IOS or Android store and creating an account. Once you have an account, you can access a wealth of information and an interactive and engaging skydiving network.

Detailed Statistics

Skydivers can log detailed information about their jumps. Squifly App then generates statistics and insights such as how many jumps in the last 12 months, total freefall time, etc.

Wingload Calculator

In the app, you can quickly, easily, and accurately calculate your wingload with easy-to-use sliders that give you information based on exit weight and canopy size.

Media Hub

With its user-generated content, the Media Hub shares pictures and videos from members of the Squifly App. You can browse content by categories, such as creators, skydiving, wingsuit, BASE Jumping, and tunnel flying. Also, it is easy to add your own content for others to enjoy!

Drop Zone Map and Wind Tunnel Map

A world map is at your fingertips, with a drop zone map and the tunnel map. Each map has its own section but works the same way. Therefore, finding a location and accessing information about a skydiving center or wind tunnel is easy. In addition, attached with the selected location, you can find their website and more information regarding the place.

Skydiving Events

Stay up to date with boogies around the world. You can search by either skydive or tunnel, type of events like courses, competitions, or camps, time of the event, and location of the event. There are events around the world waiting for you.

Squifly School

Expanding your knowledge and understanding of skydiving has never been easier and more efficient than with the Squifly App. There are lessons suited for beginners to advanced skydivers covering many topics related to skydiving. You also can find a few articles from this blog on the app. (quote) Stay in the know about new and upcoming tech, equipment, and suits, as well as brush up on some of your knowledge and expand your skills with the Squifly School.

Keep Coming Back!

The Squifly App is an app that puts community and networking in the hands of skydivers around the globe. It is a powerful app that benefits new and more experienced athletes. So join the Squifly community and tell me what you like the most in the app. If you like this article, please let me know. Please leave a comment or send me a message on Instagram. Your feedback is super important! Just with your thoughts, I can improve my work here.

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