The 2020 International Photography Awards (IPA) has received more than 13,000 submissions from some of the most significant photographers worldwide. Judges faced the incredibly challenging task of selecting the winners in each of the 13 categories. IPA’s distinguished international jury of renowned photography experts judged over 120 countries’ entries to select these outstanding category winners. Among the 13 awarded categories, we can find the sports category. This year, the first place goes to a skydiving photograph taken by Augusto Bartelle during the Maldives’ extraordinary skydiving event. 

International Photography Awards

The International Photography Awards is part of a selective list of photography awards due to its credibility and professionalism level. It is considered by specialists one of the most prestigious awards in the world. IPA is a sister-effort of the Lucie Foundation, a 501(c) 3 non-profit, charitable foundation whose mission is to honor master photographers, discover and cultivate emerging talent, and promote the appreciation of photography worldwide.

Farmani Group is a leading organization curating and promoting photography, design, and architecture across the globe since 1985. The company’s key mission is to discover and nurture talent in these areas through competitions. One of the projects the group is behind is the International Photography Awards – IPA.

Sports Photographer of the Year

Founded in 2001 by the Los Angeles based Farmani Group, the International Photography Awards is honored to announce its 2020 IPA Winners. Each of them submitted awe-inspiring entries that showcase exceptional work across various genres and styles.

Augusto Bartelle, the Sports Photographer of the Year, commented, “I wasn’t expecting this award. However, it is a pleasure to win an outstanding competition like IPA. I’m delighted to have a skydiving picture at the top of this competition. In these unprecedented times, we all had to face some of our lives’ biggest challenges; this award motivated me to keep moving and showed me I’m in the correct direction.”

Sports Photography of the Year by International Photography Award 2020
The Maldivian landscapes are incredible, and for the first time, we could manage to have a skydiving event on one of the islands. The Maldivian has a blue and greenish well known water, helping to make unique photographs. The island, water, resort, bungalows, and nature created the perfect scenario for this paradisiac shot.

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“Awards are rewards in exchange for a person’s determination, dedication, passion, and skills. They are the highest form of validation. So, it is understandable for a lot of photographers to aim for such a goal – to receive a prestigious award from respected photography organizations or groups”. – Michel Gabriel

I can’t end writing this blog post without expressing how grateful to GoPro, Vertigen, UPT Vector, LB Altimeters, Cypres AAD, Rider Sandals, Skullcandy, and VonZipper I am. You guys trusted me to represent your brand, and be part of your team is equally important as receiving this photograph award. Thank you so much for believing in my potential.

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