What is the difference between a skydiving boogie and a skydiving skills camp? If you are a relatively new skydiver, you may have seen some  of these events being held. Perhaps you have been questioning what the difference is between a boogie and a skills camp. And how do you decide what event is better for you to attend. Well, I suggest you go to both boogies and skills camps. However, maybe you are in a position that you need to choose between one or the other. So hopefully we can help you better understand the difference between a skydive boogie and a skydiving skills camp.

Skydive Boogie

A skydiving boogie is basically just a fun way to say a skydiving party. Skydiving boogies are events that drop zones host that usually run over a few days. Often each drop zone has its own annual boogie, like a tradition. Some of them even become so largely popular, that skydivers from all over the world travel to join the fun. A boogie usually has a full campground of tents, themed party nights, load organizers, special aircrafts and lots of goofy jumps planned! The flying is usually pretty mellow at boogies, with a fun and non-competitive vibe going on. Of course you will have the chance to get on some amazing jumps. But its also a time to be silly, and just jump with old friends and new friends. The focus is usually really chill and fun and not strict training jumps.

Load organizers

Often boogies will have load organizers ready to put groups together for some fun jumps. With registration fee you are able to make use of these organizers. This is an awesome opportunity to get on some fun and organized jumps that can push your skills. Maybe you do not often have the opportunity to join these types of jumps during normal DZ jumping days. Its really awesome to be able to participate in jumps with these amazing flyers. The LO’s will have a big range of skill levels to organize, so they have a lot of work putting together jumps that can be fun for everyone joining. Be honest with your flying levels so they can help make a safe and fun jump for everyone!

Skydiving boogie


Another really fun part of boogies, is the aircraft. It is common that a boogie will bring in a new plane to accommodate the larger number of jumpers. Its also a way to peak peoples interest in coming for the boogie. If you are lucky, they could also bring in other aircrafts for jumps! Like a helicopter or a hot air balloon. My first time jumping a helicopter and a hot air balloon was during skydiving boogies. The vibe is so fun, and everyone gets so excited all day waiting for their turn to make their jump. Its an amazing experience and you get to create amazing memories with your friends making these jumps!

Night life (parties)

Boogie is another way to say SKYDIVING PARTY!! Some boogies are more famous for their parties then for the skydiving! These parties are always such a great time. Usually the drop zone hosts themed parties, and sometimes with games and prizes throughout the night. A DJ is playing music, and everyone is stoked on the jumping fun and you can really let loose with a bunch of crazy skydivers. Sometimes a video from the days jumps are editing and displayed for everyone to laugh and cheer over. The campgrounds are usually packed with tents, RV’s and vans. So the drop zone is really alive! At night, people will be gathering around with friends at their own area’s or joining the party. Its just such a great community feeling to be part of these events. Getting to party with so many other skydivers, old friends and new!

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Skydive Skills Camp

A skydiving skill camp is a much more organized events, with a focus on progression, learning and skill development. There are many different levels of skill camps available. The coaches are amazing flyers with a lot of flying experience. Although, you often will need to travel to other drop zones to attend these skill camps. The registration fees are usually quite a bit higher at skills camps. Which is because you are going to be receiving a lot of focused coaching while flying in small groups. However, these events are extremely worth the investment. If you are serious about skill development and progression in your flying and flying with others. You would be really will be wise to invest in a good skill camp.

How it works

At skills camps, participants are split into small groups, based on flying levels. Most likely when you registered you would have filled out an online registration. Here the organizers like to ask about jump numbers, tunnel time, flying history, etc. So that they can get an idea of who will be best for what groups. The groups will be small and with one coach, who generally will stay with the same group throughout the day.

Having small flying groups allows the coaches to focus on each of the individuals in the group. After the jumps, debriefing is very effective with the coach having been able to focus on everyone in the group. You will be given the opportunity to receive really personal coaching to develop your flying skills and group flying skills.

Skydivers flying over the Mediterranean ocean during the Colorful Camp

Worth the investment

Like mentioned before, skills camps do cost quite a bit of money and you may need to travel. However, if you are really eager to develop your skydiving skills. A skill camp is worth the investment. Not everyone is able to jump with really amazing coaches at their home drop zones. Or the level of other jumpers at your DZ may not be helping you progress at a quicker rate. The progress you will make in theoretical knowledge and flying skills will absolutely be worth the money spent.

The other people at the skills camp will also be there with an eager attitude to learn. To me, this is an amazing atmosphere to be in for learning, when everyone is super stoked and focused. Maybe you are struggling currently with something, and going to a skills camp will likely be an opportunity for you to figure out what you need to work on to make improvement. The coaches and small groups will give you this opportunity for focused development.

Keep coming back

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of both these types of events. Boogies and skills camps are both amazing opportunities for skydivers. Which would you prefer, a skydive boogie or skills camp?

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