All Brazilians are well known for the good vibes and partying and guess what? The skydiving community in Brazil is just as AMAZING! Already I consider myself very lucky to be able to enjoy the summer in South America. That lucky feeling has increased exponentially since I have been invited to share a little bit of what I’ve learned with so many fun people here. So, let me tell you a bit about where I went to jump in Brazil!

The place I completed my AFF course was my first stop. Here, I was so stoked on how many people here are involved in free-flying and angle jumps. The “desloque irado” – meaning Stoke Angle Jumps – brought a new life to the skydiving community in Brazil. Two names behind this movement are Marco Maluf and Adriano Tanaka.  During the Xmas FreeFlow skydiving event, I had a chance to work with both of them. These two guys and their friends (FreeFlow Team) are traveling all over Brazil. They are helping new skydivers to develop skills and find out why free-flying and angle jumps are so fun.

If you are going to your first boogie and need some tips, we got you. Find out more about it at Are You Ready for your First Boogie?

CGP and Skyvision 

CGP – Centro Gaúcho de Paraquedismo – is the main drop zone in the south of Brazil. It is my suggestion that anyone traveling around go visit it. The company behind this is Skyvision and they are doing a great job welcoming all skydivers and friends to the skydiving center in Brazil. In the past, I would joke that skydiving is the only sport that costs a lot of money and even though clients don’t have many benefits besides the adrenaline of the jumps. However, this is not true when we arrive at CGP and Skyvision in Novo Hamburgo, RS. So if you are wondering where to jump in Brazil, now you know! 

Honestly, I love what I do because of many of uncountable factors. Although, the biggest thing for me is the skydiving community. I always meet incredible people in every place. Most of them I’ll carry as friends from now on.

Also, I can’t write this article without mentioning the superb job Diego Dianezi is doing by organizing these events in South Brazil. Thankful to be welcomed by him with open arms and he also shared his Load Organizer spot with me. Dianezi, thank you for being so persistent and bringing to the south more energy and a different way to skydive.

Xmas FreeFlow Skydiving Gallery

Check out some photos from the skydiving event in Brazil!

Keep coming back

The vibe and energy in Brazil just amazed me. It was a real pleasure to talk to and meet all of you. Now I am returning to Skydive Empuriabrava with that feeling of “I want more.” That is the reason Colorful Jerseys will start developing partnerships with FreeFlow and other people interested in making the skydiving community bigger and better. 

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