Currently, I jump a UPT Vector skydiving container. When I had 45 jumps, I began looking into skydiving gear. I wanted to buy skydiving equipment because I was tired of always using different gear to skydive. As well as, paying rental fee and jump tickets. Honestly, my first experience of buying a skydiving rig wasn’t that good. There are many different gear models, a wide price range, and many details that I didn’t know anything about. On top of that, I didn’t have that many people to help me out.

I wish I would have known better how to research. For sure, this would have helped me out. There is a lot of information on the Internet about skydiving gear. Visiting manufacturer websites, blogs, and social media. If possible, you can ask friends at your dropzone. Initially, I was thinking about doing a review on more than one skydive brand. However, how can I review something I’ve never had the chance to try? So, I decided to review the skydiving equipment I regularly use, asking other skydivers for their opinion on it and mixing it with my thoughts about that gear.

Why United Parachute Technologies

One of the biggest things, when I’m buying equipment, is how long the company has been in the market. United Parachute Technologies – UPT checked that box by producing 70,000+ skydiving containers in the last three decades. For me, that shows me they know what they are doing. Even with so much manufacturing experience, UPT still knows that they always have room for improvement. 

By working for so long on something and still being in business, I can imagine that they have a high-quality product line. As well as upgrading the product as issues or new technology come up.

UPT company and the Vector III

Bill Booth’s company started in a garage in Miami (1972). UPT’s first harness was called Wonderhog. The early Vectors were introduced in 1980. When skydiving gear was subjected to direct, high-speed winds from every direction, the new Vector 3 was introduced (1994) to the skydiving market. The first freefly rig on the market incorporated concepts from years of research and development.

The Micron was launched in 1999 following the growing trend of smaller canopies. The Micron became the most popular, technologically advanced harness system in the world. The engineering team hired for this new project reviewed the design of the gear and applied sound engineering practices. Improving riser covers, pin protection, comfort, and the operation of the three-ring system considerably. 

Mike Bohn UPT athlete review

“I have over 25 cutaways’ in a skyhook, all of them with excellent results. Many of them were violent, spinning malfunctions.”

“The United Parachute Technologies Skyhook version: Main-Assisted Reserve Deployment system (MARD); is a safety feature on skydiving parachute systems. It builds on the concept underlying an ordinary reserve static line (RSL). It uses the force of the departing main parachute to open the reserve parachute compartment after the malfunctioning main parachute is cut-away.”

“There are many best characteristics in my Vector. I’d say the fit is around the shoulders and upper torso holds well during advanced freefly maneuvers. I love the ruggedness of the systems. I also have had many 600-800 jump seasons with the same skydiving containers showing very little weather and holding their structure well.”

Mike Bohn is also a UPT dealer for over a decade now. The customer service is above and beyond most in the industry. 

Mike Bohn skydiving with his UPT Vector

First impressions

The entire process for ordering was great. Making the order for my gear through a friend, Lelo Mras. He explained all options I could add to the container and other details that I was confused about. He took the time to measure me and help me out with colors and design.

The time we have to wait for a new Vector is long; and it gets longer every day you wait. That is a big issue, in my opinion. However, I planned to have my new rig when I was ready to receive and jump my new canopy. Perfect timing.

The UPT Dealer, rigger, and friend Lelo delivered my brand new skydiving equipment ready to use, and I jumped it right away. The first feeling when I put it was amazing. A disturbing noise when I was moving was saying new gear is in the house. Today, I kind of miss that brand new sound. The Vector in the sky was perfect; it fitted my body perfectly. I feel like I have nothing to worry about or complain about it. 

At the end of 2017, I started competing in Speed Skydiving at the USPA Nationals (this is an important review that few people can give to you). I manage to reach more than 450 km/h in freefall, many times. My personal best is 477.30 km/h or 299 miles per hour. I haven’t had any issues regarding my skydiving container at that kind of speed. I never tried other skydiving rigs for speed skydiving, but I’m sure my Vector can handle it.

What is the best skydiving gear

Timothy Parrant UPT athlete review

“UPT, aka Bill Booth, Aka lord of the 3 rings. The man himself integrated the 3 ring release system into skydiving! Designed the pull out pilot chute and the skyhook. As almost every inventor, they never stop research and development. The company culture is highly connected with its founder and since its starting in 1972 until today,” UPT always works hard to make all their skydiving container safer, using the latest technologies. These are the reasons I believe UPT rigs are safe. I have confidence the latest innovations and modifications will be tailored to my rig.”

On top of it, Vectors look sexy as fuc*. -Timothy Parrant

“When thinking about features and things I love on my skydiving container, I first think about the real Skyhook. I point this out because I really trust more the first and original one. That is only something I feel. Also, the comfort can be named when speaking about things I love on my Vector. I’ve tried another rigs and I never feel comfortable as while I’m using my Vector. On top of it, Vectors look sexy as fuc*.”

Skydiver landing at Skydive Empuriabrava with brand new skydiving equipment

UPT Vector information

UPT has four different skydiving harnesses: V3M-Series Micron, Vector SE, Sigma, and Micro Sigma. The company states the lead time from 16 to 18 weeks. You can find the standard and optional features on their website.

The prices can vary depending on many factors. I decided to go to to find an offer. The price on their website is USD $2,882.00 for a UPT Vector 3 Micron and USD $5,607.00 for a UPT Sigma Tandem Skydiving Container. I suggest going through a dealer to buy anything which needs measurement. When not ordering from a dealer, be smart, and ask a second person with experience to measure you.

If you want to take a look at their price list for options, spare parts, and accessories, please click here (

If you are ready to design your gear, click here ( 

Keep coming back

I’m not a UPT sponsored athlete; I have no personal gain expressing my thoughts about this skydiving gear. I’m just a regular client that bought, in full price, a UPT Vector container. Only, I am just sharing my opinion to help skydivers that are looking for their first gear. If your company wants me to test your equipment and talk about it on the blog and Instagram, please send me an email to hello@ I’ll do it with pleasure.

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