Hi, my name is Augusto, and I’m an addict and a Skydiving Supporting Sobriety group member. Since I found out I have issues controlling the use of alcohol and drugs, my life has changed. I stopped seeing some people and going to some places, I started focusing more on sports and learning what I don’t like to find out what I love the most, and I decided to concentrate on my issues before trying to help others.

“Just knowing are other skydivers out there in recovery makes me feel less alone going out to DZ’s.”


I tried to quit drugs and alcohol for the first time in 2008. However, I relapsed and only was able to find myself clean again in 2011. There are many places people can go. I did try a bunch of them. I’ve been in therapeutic groups where we had a professional mediator to help us express ourselves; rehab clinics (one of those helped me a lot in the beginning); regular meetings where addicts help each other (Narcotics Anonymous). Nowadays, we can find many online options – skydiving and recovery is my point, and there is a place for us.

When SSS become real?

Skydivers Supporting Sobriety started at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. Today we can find more than 600 members that support and celebrate each other achievements. One of the people behind this group said: “I got sober on June 23, 2019, and the pandemic wasn’t easy to stay with sobriety.”

Addiction Stages to Recovery
Resource: Guide for Family Members

Several skydivers started to speak about their issues staying in recovery, and they knew they weren’t the only ones having problems staying clean inside the skydiving community. Since most skydivers see their community as a family, why not make a call and start a supporting sobriety group for skydivers? That great idea from a few people in a specific area of the USA brought to life a big group that is helping lots of people everywhere in the world to start recovery and stay clean.

“For me is about identification and being part of something. There is definitely a party culture associated with skydiving. I jump in a small 182 Cessna DZ, and I’m the only person in recovery as far as I know. It’s very easy for my addicted brain to jump to the conclusion that something is wrong with me or that I’m an outsider because I’m clean and sober. However, being part of this group, even if rarely post or comment, reminds me that I’m definitely not alone.”


Where are we going?

The idea is so good that the group keeps growing. The first official Skydivers Supporting Sobriety Boogie is happening in May 2022. The idea is to put together like-minded individuals and have lots of fun in the sky and on the ground. I’m hoping to be there. It will be fantastic.

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One of the most powerful messages, in my opinion, this group of people supporting sobriety share is that independently where we go, we are not alone. For example, another group member mentioned that she wants to jump into life and land safely. For her, alcohol is not a part of this equation. She continues, “alcohol represents a sure path of danger and destruction, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Like in skydiving, I need the support of others to learn how to jump safely, be it in the air or jumping into life’s moments.

Keep coming back

I’m sure you know someone that needs a group like this. Share with them the article, and they might connect with us. Check out the event page to have more information regarding the first SSS Boogie at Skydive Chicago.

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  1. Jeff Clark February 3, 2022 at 9:25 pm

    I didn’t start skydiving till I was 50 and didn’t actually start trying to learn the sport beyond the 1st tandem till 2 yrs later. My sobriety, started in 1991. I’ve been sober long enough, that finding myself amoung people who drink, isn’t overly bothersome. But the party scene isn’t something I’m a part.of, nor do I wanna. It was really reassuring to find that while I might SOMETIMES be in the minority, I’m not alone. Or more accurately, I do not HAVE to be. Find yourself at SFLX or find me on FB and your welcome to chat me up.

    Between now & then,
    God bless and blue skies!

    Jeff Clark

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