Do not be alarmed when your boyfriend, husband or friend tells you that they want to go to Empuriabrava in Spain. 90 minutes from Barcelona, in Costa Brava, ​​you will find the famous Skydive Empuriabrava, a skydiver’s dreamland. For skydivers, the structure is perfectly adapted to their needs and demands. For the people who travel with them, it’s a different story.

I’m a skydiver’s girlfriend, and I’m writing this because there are many of us around the world.

For a non-skydiver, one day at the drop zone is more than enough. We all understand that the landscape at Skydive Empuriabrava is fantastic, people are lovely and the athletes need support. However, let them enjoy it together while we non-skydivers go explore the Costa Brava.

This blog post is for those people like me, who are always looking for something new to do around Empuriabrava. Please enjoy our tips and send your feedback from the places you visit. 

Empuriabrava tour and beach (4 stars)

If you traveling as a group, the most comfortable options are staying in town. You can rent an electric boat for 15 euros per person and visit the famous Canals of Spanish Venice. If you enjoy sports, renting a stand-up paddleboard or taking a windsurfing class can be a bolder option. There are many places to rent bicycles around the town and electric scooters as well.

In Empuriabrava beach, there are several bars called “Chiringuitos” where you can eat by the sea. Nothing better than eating a sequence of tapas or that special paella with a beautiful view.

For children, there are plenty of fun playground options around the city. Adults can also rent a beach chair and a sunbathing spot at the beach to stay for a while enjoying the excellent weather in Empuriabrava.

In gastronomy, you can choose the Italian restaurant Vecchia Milano, Japanese cuisine Shiam Shick, fast food Pollo-Pollo or Tagliatella, among many others.

If you need more information about Empuriabrava, the wikipedia page is super cool.

Best Photo to Show Empuriabrava

Get lost in Cadaqués (5 stars)

You will need a car for this adventure. The road to Cadaqués may scare you a little, as there are several tricky curves, but the reward is well worth it. Everyone jumping at Skydive Empuriabrava can see the city from the plane.

One of the most beautiful cities in Costa Brava, Cadaqués is the city where artist Salvador Dali had one of his houses. You can start the expedition by strolling the streets of white buildings with blue doors, discovering the local shops and the charms of their panoramic views.

For those who like history and culture, you should visit the fantastic Cadaques Church and Salvador Dali & Gala’s house. There you will find a museum that offers a guided tour. In addition, you can choose from various hiking options or spend the day on a beautiful, if rocky beach.

For fine dining, there are a couple of refined and prestigious restaurants, such as the famous Compartir and the super exclusive Haiku Tast by the Chef Federico Filipetti.

Cadaqués sea view city Costa Brava

  • 45 minutes away from Empuriabrava by car.

Shopping & culture: Figueres (4.5 stars)

Figueres is the closest “big town” around Empuriabrava. I recommend a tour around the city explore the many historical places and excellent shopping around the Rambla.

The Salvador Dali Museum is centrally located and is one of the things you can’t miss. Besides it, we have the Salvador Dali Jewels’ Museum. All the jewels were designed and created by the artist. If you didn’t know that Dali created jewelry, then you’re not alone! It’s a wonderful surprise. 

An afternoon of shopping can easily complement your itinerary. At the Ramblas, you will find all the most famous brands in Europe, from fast fashion to haute couture. If you are in time for “rebajas,” do not waste time, as discounts can reach up to 75%.

A restaurant we have visited a few times –it’s in our best organic, and vegan food restaurant list– is called Integral. It’s very close to the Salvador Dali Museum, and there is parking very close to it.

Salvador Dali museum in Figueres, Spain

  • 15-20 minutes away from Empuriabrava by car.

Roses (5 stars)

If staying close to the Drop Zone is not a must for your beloved skydiver, think about the fantastic Hotel Vistabella. The hotel is 20 minutes drive from the Drop Zone. At this hotel, we have one of the most beautiful views of the Costa Brava and the most incredible must-see sunset. Also, in the hotel complex, there are more than 5 dining options where you can find anything from tapas to Michellin cuisine.

During summer, I recommend spending the afternoon at the famous seafront disco El Pirata. The city’s nightlife is also super lively with several bars and clubs to visit.

If you are into adventure and sports, by the sea you can rent paddle boats and other water activities.

For the evening you can eat the famous gourmet tapas from Gozos Mundanos restaurant. If you already had too many tapas, we also recommend La Sirena restaurant. They have the best options for seafood and traditional Spanish fare.

Photo over Skydive Empuriabrava of the city and rosas

  • 10 minutes from Empuriabrava by car.

Begur & Cap de Creus (4.8 stars)

Although they are two very distant places in location, the why you should visit them is the same: f****** gorgeous. You can arrive by boat or by car. Both have online and beachside boat rental options. You can scuba dive or snorkel to enjoy the rich diversity within the beautiful waters of the Costa Brava. I highly recommend this, there are a few blogs that talk about this spot, and I love to go there with a group of friends.

The landscape is fantastic, and the water is super clean. There are a few famous beaches, but there are also some spots that no one knows that you can easily find on Google Maps. Sometimes, these places require a short hike. Don’t forget your water shoes and your googles.

  • +- 1 hour from Empuriabrava by car.

Begur Beach Spot

Spa and relax (5 stars)

Want to take a “me day” to relax on your own? You are in the right area! Hotel Golf & Spa Peralada has a huge spa and massage menu. In addition to an eye-popping infrastructure, they have great packages for you to spend the day rearranging your energy and your skin. When using the spa, they provide you with a day-pass that gives you access to the indoor and outdoor pools, sauna, and gym. They also have several delicious options of restaurants and bars within the hotel.

If you are interested in a day at a pool in a boutique hotel that looks like it’s straight out of Pinterest, you should opt for the Hotel Mas Lazuli. They also have a large spa and relax menu. Best of all, if you plan ahead, you can buy a package with the full experience.

This is always a good idea for everyone jumping at Skydive Empuriabrava. When my boyfriend is packing and jumping the entire day, he always get back home with a little back pain. Check the hotel and book a massage for the two of you.

  • 25 minutes away from Empuriabrava by car.

Keep coming back

I have to tell you, I’m have been in love with Empuriabrava and with Costa Brava since I came for the first time in 2017. Today we live here and I never think about moving away. From the list of tours and tips I selected for this article, the first one I did was to visit the Salvador Dali Museum and his house museum. It’s a must-see.

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