One of the most important parts when we are going to skydive is our gear. Instructors teach and remind us every time to check our skydiving equipment over again and again. There is a reason for that. We need it to be 100% in working order. When we do a tandem skydive or before getting our A license, we do not pack our parachute. People do that for us, and a big question is often, how do they do that? Well, aside from a few differences between canopies and containers, the process of putting (packing) the parachute (canopy) inside of the container is almost always the same.

“Always check with your rigger or manufacture company what is the best way to pack your canopy.”

Performance Designs has a great Youtube channel with lots of information about canopies, tips on how to have a better opening, and many other things that can be relevant if you are a skydiver. I always check their channel, including the Tip Tuesday. Lately, I found a vast amount of interviews with skydiving athletes – On the PD sofa – that is quite interesting.

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