Tandem skydiving experience

A Tandem Skydive experience is unreal. I’ve seen many people at a skydiving center doing a tandem jump for their first time skydiving. Almost 100% of the people I’ve seen tandem jump would love to skydive again because skydiving activates your brain receptors, releasing lots of endorphins, filling you with pleasure and euphoria and it is fu**ing cool. On top of all this, it brings you into the present moment, shutting up your mind, what is the most important thing for me.

Just keep in mind that you must find a good tandem skydiving center because we want to have fun and be safe.

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Photo: Augusto Bartelle

There is an article I wrote about first-time tandem skydiving experiences where you can learn more about tandem skydiving.

I talk a lot about skydiving, as you can imagine. People just need to give me a small opportunity, and I’ll be talking for hours (lol). I don’t mind answering questions or helping when I know the subject.

Since I started my Instagram account, I came across many people’s questions about tandem skydiving. People have lots of doubts about how the parachute works, what is true or false and so on. However, the question I get the most is, “Where should I go to do tandem skydiving or to do a skydiving course?”

Today, I’m going to explain how a regular person can find a good skydiving center (drop zone) to go skydiving for the first time. This post can help if you are looking for a place to do a Tandem Skydive or if you are looking for a skydiving school with an AFF course to learn how to skydive solo.

There are a few steps that I’d recommend you follow if you are looking for a good place to jump out of an airplane.

Why should I skydive?

It is important to understand why do you want to skydive. People skydive for many different reasons. The list is loooong, and we can name many examples such as adrenaline, overcoming fear, trying something new, celebrating special dates, company activities, and some people were just in a bar drinking with friends, and they decided to go skydiving for fun – Check the Will Smith Skydiving video in Dubai to understand.

I also wrote an article about the “Extreme Athletes Motivations” that might interest you.

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Photo: Augusto Bartelle

As you can see, the reasons are diverse, and there is only one thing to keep in mind:

“A tandem skydive is the most common and safest method to experience freefall or to take the first step towards a skydiving license.”

Skydance Skydiving Website

What is a good tandem skydiving center?

Every month I have lots of people asking me the same question: – Where should I go skydiving for the first time? My answer is always the same: – Where do you live? — No matter where I am, I look up the skydiving near me to get a feel for my options. The best alternative, when I don’t know an area, is to check the skydiving website DropZone.com.

Little Story:

When I moved to California, I didn’t know any skydiving center in the USA, or in NorCal. I was living in Europe for the past 3 years, and I had completed around 60 jumps (no experience at all) at the time. I found out about the website DropZone.com, and it helped me to see the options I had and chose my home drop zone.

How the dropzone.com can help me?

First of all, go to the dropzone.Com website. To find a drop zone near you, you should click on the menu tab labeled “Drop Zones”. There you will see the Drop Zone’s Database with all the skydiving centers indexed to the website.

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Scrolling down, you will find the option to select your continent, country and, state. Once you are done selecting your information, a list of the drop zones from that area will appear and you can find the closest skydiving schools in the area you live.

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Another good way to find a skydiving center close to you is using the search box. In the top right part of the website, you can see a search box. There you can select “Drop Zones” in the drop-down menu (where is saying Forums) and search for the name of your city.

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To illustrate this method, I chose San Francisco as my city, and I ran a search. The results are all skydiving centers close to San Francisco, CA.

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Why should I research?

Research is one of the most important factors when you are looking for a skydiving center because you want to find a safe place to skydive. To understand what makes a good skydive drop zone,  we need to know a little bit more about the sport, skydiving drop zones, and understand why some drop zones are more reliable than others.

Let’s have a real talk for a second: We are going to jump from a perfect airplane. We are around 13.000 feet above the ground. There is a person attached to us. We don’t know this person. This person is going to save our life with only a backpack attached to them.

Please, don’t get me wrong – skydiving is a safe sport. We have USPA regulations, FAA is around us, the skydiving community is always trying to make things safer, and every year we have new gear and equipments that improve on old technology.

However, there are always a couple of places that don’t follow the rules and put people in danger, jeopardizing all the sport community.

Then, what do I do?

First things first, there is an average rating for all the skydiving centers. It’s easy to understand: More Stars = More Happy People.

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Photo: Josh Kesler

Let’s check some suggestions I give to people when looking for a skydiving center to jump at:

  1. Find a place that is associated with USPA – United States Parachute Association – if is not in the website, call and ask them.
  2. Read the reviews on the website to learn more about the place where you are going to jump.
  3. Look for a friend who is a skydiver or has done a tandem jump. Ask for information, tips, suggestions. Information never hurts.
  4. Visit the webpage of the Skydiving Center you are interested in to check the skydiving facilities, pictures and airplanes. Find a place you feel comfortable with.
  5. Search on google about the drop zone. Sometimes you can find crazy things on google. Google It!
  6. When you are jumping out of an airplane, price is the last thing you think about. Don’t be cheap, be safe!

Here is an example of a great, helpful review:

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Remember to do your own research. You’re the person jumping from the airplane. You are responsible for picking the best drop zone possible to do your first tandem jump or skydiving course.

Augusto Bartelle

I’ve seen people blindly trust friends. What we have to understand is that sometimes people don’t know any better and they give you bad advice due to lack of information. Please check websites for more information. One place is never enough, explore your options, have fun, and be safe!

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