In the world wide community of Skydiving, we come across some very unique people. Our community is filled with very interesting people, from all walks of life, with a similar, rather strange passion of leaping out of airplanes. I believe this is part of what connects us so well with one another. It takes a special kind of person to share the passion of adrenaline sports like skydiving. You can read more out more about extreme athletes’ motivations in my previous blog post.

Skydiving is not just a sport to me, or to many of us. It is a lifestyle. It has created an open door to a new, bigger, broader and beautiful life for many of us. We love to hear of the journeys that lead our peers into the world of skydiving. This week we are going to share with you Cedric’s story, of how he found his life completely changed for the positive, because of skydiving.

skydivers and friends after jump

Cedric’s story

My life was spiralling into dark days and a dark future, or so it felt. As you can imagine, in the darkness there is depression, hopelessness, unworthiness. Yet things abruptly changed to my surprise when I became involved in skydiving. Undoubtedly, skydiving offered me my life and happiness back. Many people ask me “why do you skydive?”. And so here is my story, and why I love to skydive.

I didn’t really have the best childhood. I struggled with ADHD problems while growing up, as well as a broken family. In my later youth, I struggled with depression and relationship troubles. Meanwhile, I was fighting with the state system. Resulting in feeling hopeless for future prospects, due to not being able to obtain any school degree. I had a difficult and rocky road to get to where I am in life now. Yet, in spite of having drastic lows points, I always had the strength to get up and fight again.

A dark path

One day along came my hardest and most difficult struggle. Without my knowledge, my ex partner chose to terminate our pregnancy. I struggled emotionally, due to the fact that the decision was not discussed with me. The consequences affected me deeply. Equally, I was devastated to learn there had been infidelity for months in our relationship, to which I had no knowledge of.  Quickly I fell into the deepest hole that I have encountered in my life.

Following those events, I went into debt, had uncontrolled alcohol consumption and a second burnout at work. Indeed, I was deep in depression, and struggling to cope with all of these issues in life. Finally I tried to escape by ending my life. Under the influence of alcohol combined with strong medication, I went behind the wheel of my car. Excessive speed and wishing for my destiny to take me into the wall. To put an end to me because I had fear to do it myself. Thankfully the police were able to prevent this and stopped my hell drive. I am so glad that no third person was hurt out of my irresponsible decision. Absolutely, I could never have forgiven myself for that.

As expected, the event was followed by legal proceedings and very high fines. As well as, what I felt were, unnecessary medical treatments.

Afterwards I withdrew from the outside world and interacting with others. In a deep depression and staying home sleeping and crying day and night. Focusing on my broken relationship and also how my life has been for the last 10 years. Realizing that I have always looked out only for my fellow human beings and not focusing enough on taking care of myself.

Skydiving brought me back to life! 

Throughout my life in the back of my head, always was the dream to be a skydiver. However, in the course of my life it had never received much attention. After reading a very good book during my dark days, The Why Are You Here Café,  it inspired me to redesign my life pretty fast! Although, I didn’t quite know just how to change…yet! One night, while scrolling Instagram I happened to see a tandem skydive advertisement. And then said to myself, fuck off I have nothing to lose anymore in my life, so go for your dream! Immediately I registered for the AFF Course. In fact, I put all of the last of my money into the course.

What happened after the first jump for me is miraculous, and almost indescribable. Without a doubt, skydiving has given me life again! I have been completely changed as a person. As a result, I’ve started to see life from a completely different angle. Additionally, it has taught me how to overcome fears in life, how to fight and how to accept them. It also has helped me professionally, to cope with much of my stress at work.

Along with skydiving, came a big and beautiful family. Other jumpers understand me. They help me and accept me as I am. They do not judge me. For example, I am not ashamed to talk about my past or my depression.  And soon found out that I am not alone in how I came into the world of skydiving. Each and every jumper has their own story and reasons for  jumping out of a plane. Above all, we all enjoy this beautiful free moment in the air.

7 people skydiving in California

My life with skydive

For me, skydiving is brain cleaner, a brain repairer. It is therapeutic, creating body wellness in me. Currently, I am so fucking happy, and its a result of discovering this amazing world of skydiving. No longer do I take medication, and do not drink. In the past, my doctor suggested with my condition, skydiving may not be a good idea. However, clearly he was completely incorrect. In fact, skydiving was the perfect choice for me to battle my depression. At last, a way to get a smile back onto my face!

– I couldn’t agree more with Cedric on skydiving being therapeutic. Check out my blog post on 10 health benefits of skydiving to see why I agree!

Furthermore, now I have an amazing job opportunity as a Project Manager, and I’m able to balance it with jumping. In the past, I tried many sports such as surfing, wakeboarding, and kitesurfing. Yet did not find peace within my soul. Skydiving has been a real game changer on all aspects of my life, and now I have found my balance. No longer do I fear work burnout, with the capability of balancing my work and life passion.

Final thoughts

Skydiving has also shown me that you can reach everything in your life if you believe in yourself and remain strong minded and balanced. For me, this is skydiving! Many of my friends express that they think it is dangerous. “What would you do if something happening, you could die!?” Ultimately, yes it is true, I can die. However, skydiving brought me back to life, and that is more important than the potential risks. Really, I can die anywhere and at anytime. So what my destiny has planned nobody knows, and so why shouldn’t I live my life now and how I am happy?

Well that is my story of how I found this world that is skydiving and it’s community. Truly I am proud of it and myself.  At last, I would like to thank all  my friends, instructors and all jumpers, for being part of my life and this amazing support.

Blue skies,


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  1. Levi Armstrong September 11, 2020 at 3:07 pm

    Cori, I appreciate that you shared your experience with skydiving with me. I find it beautiful that skydiving taught you how to overcome, conquer, and accept your fears. I can’t help but want to try it out someday because it looks like it feels freeing and magical. If I’ll have the courage to do it one day, I would definitely hire a photographer to capture that special moment. Thanks again for sharing!

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  3. Joannie Francour October 12, 2022 at 9:40 pm

    I’m impressed, I must say. Rarely do I encounter a blog that’s both equally educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. The problem is an issue that too few people are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy that I stumbled across this in my hunt for something relating to this.


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