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Augusto Bartelle

Hi there

I’m Augusto Bartelle. Skydiving is my great passion, and I want to share it with you.

Many people are drawn to the thrill of jumping, but beyond the adrenaline there is a welcoming community – the skydiving family – of people who genuinely care for one another and are dedicated to lifting each other up, motivating each other, and pushing themselves to perform at a higher level. This is why skydiving has become central to my life, and I hope it will play a role in yours, too.




I want to inspire people to get into skydiving and stay in the sport by supporting a happy, colorful and welcoming environment inside of our skydiving community. 


Learning more about skydiving, body flying, and how to share it appropriately with other people is what I need to do daily to focus on my main goal. In a few years, that will allow me to become a colorful reference on the sport and inspire more people to join our sky family.


Sharing my skydiving experiences, what I’ve learned, and other people’s stories is the best way to introduce more people and welcome them to the sport.


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halo jumps and how to avoid hypoxic

What is Hypoxia?

The first time I heard about hypoxia was at Skydiving Perris. We were in a famous belly event called P3. That time we were jumping with Dan BC, Kick Verner, Tom Jenkins, and another 25 people. To make that formation easier accomplished, we were exiting the airplanes above 16.000 feet. We did a few jumps, and for every jump, we had one person flying around.

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Skydiving Supporting Sobriety Logo

Life Can Change – Skydiving Supporting Sobriety

Hi, my name is Augusto, and I’m an addict and a Skydiving Supporting Sobriety group member. Since I found out I have issues controlling the use of alcohol and drugs, my life has changed. I stopped seeing some people and going to some places, I started focusing more on sports and learning what I don’t like to find out what I love the most, and

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show one of the jumps of the vertical training by Paulo Pires and FlyOn

Vertical Training Brazil

Everyone knows that skydiving is a niche sport. However, we can find skydiving enthusiasts everywhere in the world. Even though only a tiny part of the population has the guts to jump off a perfect airplane, the part that does have the balls is evolving a lot more since the wind tunnels have become more available outside the USA and Europe. The people who have

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Skydiving gear update article

Which Skydiving Gear Do I Use?

From time to time, I like to speak about the skydiving gear I’m using because skydive equipment evolves fast, and more ordinary people are getting into skydiving in our community. But, unfortunately, it was pretty hard for me to understand what equipment I needed to skydive and find information about it when I began skydiving. We have many brands and different gear to choose to

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Seychelles Islands View

Unique Skydiving Experience: Colors of Seychelles Boogie 2022

Skydiving over Seychelles Islands is a dream coming true. Fly Seychelles in collaboration with AirWax, Ewan Cowie, Pete Allum, Omar Alhegelan, Augusto Bartelle, Francesco Drosi, and Gabor Viczko is inviting you to participate in the most incredible skydiving boogie ever. Seychelles Islands are located about 1000 miles East of Kenya and 700 miles Northeast of Madagascar. Mahé island is where the capital, Victoria, is situated.

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GoPro Max view of Mckenna Knipe eating a Burger King.

Why GoPro Max is so Good for Debriefings?

I’m not saying that GoPro Hero 10 is not good action camera for a skydiving debrief, but GoPro Max is a very nice tool to have while coaching. We can rotate the camera view in a 360-degree angle. It means that student and skydiving coach can see almost everything around them. GoPro Max The second-generation 360 camera from GoPro is a lot more friendly than

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I ask for help and i got it!

VIDEO Edited by Cristiano Trein - Text by Augusto Bartelle


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What People say

Marco Maluf


As Jerseys feitas para a família Free Flow, foram um sucesso no Brasil, além do lindo design exclusivo, a qualidade do tecido e caimento no corpo são perfeitos para voar. Obrigado Augusto Bartelle por fazer isso possível! 

Kristen Emily's


The Jerseys are perfect for skydiving or any outdoor activity. They’re comfortable, breathable, super durable and the colors don’t fade after long days in the sun. The quality of the cut and flat seams make them easy to wear all day, I’ve taken them on tons of adventures and never been disappointed!

Adam Spicer


Colorful jerseys are some of my favorite skydive jerseys (if have a lot). They fit and fly great. And, the material is great too, not too hot and not too cold. I wear for comfortable jumping in most temps and use it as a base layer in cold temps. Best part is matching colors with my wife in our jerseys!

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