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Augusto Bartelle

Hi there

I’m Augusto Bartelle. Skydiving is my great passion, and I want to share it with you.

Many people are drawn to the thrill of jumping, but beyond the adrenaline there is a welcoming community – the skydiving family – of people who genuinely care for one another and are dedicated to lifting each other up, motivating each other, and pushing themselves to perform at a higher level. This is why skydiving has become central to my life, and I hope it will play a role in yours, too.




I want to inspire people to get into skydiving and stay in the sport by supporting a happy, colorful and welcoming environment inside of our skydiving community. 


Learning more about skydiving, body flying, and how to share it appropriately with other people is what I need to do daily to focus on my main goal. In a few years, that will allow me to become a colorful reference on the sport and inspire more people to join our sky family.


Sharing my skydiving experiences, what I’ve learned, and other people’s stories is the best way to introduce more people and welcome them to the sport.


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wingsuit rodeo

Top 5 Strange Skydive Names

There are a lot of strange traditions and terminology used in skydiving. Many of this sounds super strange to non-skydivers or to jumpers new to the sport. I often laugh, thinking how crazy we must sound, when having conversations about skydiving. And skydive names are no different, wingsuit rodeo, horny gorilla – like what? Seriously though, imagine how it must sound to someone near by,

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learn tunnel flying online

Learn Tunnel Flying Online?

Learn tunnel flying online? Yes, it is possible! Okay so I realize this probably seems kind of unlikely, to be able to train your body flight skills while watching videos online. Yet, it is true, you can! In fact, there is a whole online platform aimed at doing just this. And there is also research done on this topic, in regards to other sports. So

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end of skydiving season

5 Tips for Ending the Skydiving Season

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, many drop zones are getting ready to end the skydiving season. In many countries, October is the end of the skydiving season, and it begins to get too cold and unpredictable to jump. Although there are many drop zones that do not close, many skydiving centres are beginning to prepare for the end of season. Skydivers are hoping for a

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Real Skydiving

Indoor Skydiving Vs Skydiving

As a tunnel instructor, one of the most common questions that I receive is if “indoor skydiving feels the same as real skydiving”? To answer in the simplest way, yes indoor skydiving does feel quiet similar to real skydiving in terms of free fall. However, I always am sure to let the person know that there is so many more differences between the two. And

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Skydivers dirt dive

Talk Like A Skydiver

If you are a new skydiver, I am sure you can relate to the feeling of being at the drop zone and hearing all the skydivers talking and saying things you just don’t quiet understand yet. Of course I remember back to when I began, hearing all the jargon that skydivers used. Often I would become easily lost in the conversation, only nodding my head

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bottrop skydiving

Tunnel Huck Jams

Are you looking to fly more time in the wind tunnel, but not spend so much money? Maybe you want to start sharing time with others, so you can get practise flying with friends? Well a tunnel huck jam is just the thing for you! In this article we are going to explain to you what a huck jam is. And why it is beneficial

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I ask for help and i got it!

VIDEO Edited by Cristiano Trein - Text by Augusto Bartelle


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What People say

Marco Maluf


As Jerseys feitas para a família Free Flow, foram um sucesso no Brasil, além do lindo design exclusivo, a qualidade do tecido e caimento no corpo são perfeitos para voar. Obrigado Augusto Bartelle por fazer isso possível! 

Kristen Emily's


The Jerseys are perfect for skydiving or any outdoor activity. They’re comfortable, breathable, super durable and the colors don’t fade after long days in the sun. The quality of the cut and flat seams make them easy to wear all day, I’ve taken them on tons of adventures and never been disappointed!

Adam Spicer


Colorful jerseys are some of my favorite skydive jerseys (if have a lot). They fit and fly great. And, the material is great too, not too hot and not too cold. I wear for comfortable jumping in most temps and use it as a base layer in cold temps. Best part is matching colors with my wife in our jerseys!

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