The new GoPro Max is out and with fantastic new features. The person that I know who has the most vast knowledge about the action cameras produced by GoPro is the one doing this GoPro Review. Thomas has an extensive background related to the brand, and so I believe that his video will help lots of people to have a better understanding of the new GoPro Max. Take a look at his video and his write up!

To sum it up, my video is an unboxing and overview of the new features on the GoPro Max, along with some super fun footage as well. Above all features, the 360 spherical video is a rather new concept to most camera users. Therefore, I wanted to depict and explain these concepts and new features with a fun video!

Fortunately enough, I had the opportunity to volunteer at an Outward Bound California event in San Francisco. The 2019 City Skyline Challenge was an event with participants repelling off a building in downtown San Francisco. In other words, this was a really unique opportunity to capture amazing views! And so, I chose this event to aid in elaborating on the cameras theory, history, new features and best practices. Of course the video includes many examples of footage, and fun use opportunities. Certainly I hope that the provided footage can spark some creativity in you guys!

If you want to have more information about the new GoPro 8 Hero Black to help decide which one is better for you, we got you covered!

Unboxing and testing the new GoPro Max

One of the GoPro Max’s most attractive aspects is the vlogging capabilities. This includes the new LCD screen and a shotgun microphone. After testing this feature myself, the results greatly surprised me! Subsequently, I began to test all the new modes and other features of the GoPro Max.

Recently it came to my attention that there is a growing population on YouTube that really enjoys “unboxing videos”. Basically what these videos consist of are, opening a new products package and going through all of the contents – what physically comes within the products box. While filming a technical unboxing in my studio, I quickly realized that an unboxing video can be a standalone video. The technical unboxing is linked in the description of the original unboxing and overview video, that takes place in San Francisco. Ultimately, I ended up filming a much shorter, compact unboxing in the park to help the flow of the video. 

Keep coming back

In conclusion, I could take a moment to dive into technical specifications and new features in this post. However, I would rather you to watch the video, get inspired, and start asking questions. I’ll be ready to answer it in the blog or at my Youtube Channel or Facebook Page. – Thomas Grana

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