Maybe you are planning a skydiving vacation and want to be near to a wind tunnel for training. Or you are looking to relocate, and want your new home to offer the most for your flying obsession. Whatever the reason, we wanted to make this list of drop zones near to wind tunnels for you. Now you can easily scan our list to find these convenient locations across the world, that allow you to both skydive and tunnel fly in the same day.

These perfect locations are ideal because you can skydive during the day, and train in the wind tunnel at night. Or if there is a weather day at the DZ, no problem, you can enjoy indoor skydiving! You will find coaches who will work with you both in the sky and at the tunnel, which is a really cool experience. Not only that, you can really immerse yourself in friendships within your community. Skydiving and then flowing in the tunnel together. Your flying skills with your friends will really progress quickly by being able to train like this.

Lets take a look at some of the drop zones near to wind tunnels that we have discovered. And what their facilities and locations have to offer. Please keep in mind that the driving and travel time is an approximate, and as always, you can experience some traffic delays. However, with that being said, these locations make travelling between drop zone and wind tunnel a breeze.

iFly Utah and Skydive Ogden and Skydive Utah

In Ogden, Utah there is one of the most famous iFly’s around North America. iFly Utah is not a franchised tunnel, and therefore they run things a little differently than your average iFly. Utah has been a popular destinations for flyers all over North America because the rates are extremely competitive, even with the coaching fee’s. And how about the coaches? Well you are in luck at iFly Utah. There is a team made up of amazing coaches which include world champion tunnel flyers and skydivers!

The closest skydiving drop zone to iFly Utah is Skydive Ogden, and it is a short drive of about 7 minutes. Skydive Ogden has been around for almost 30 years, and is open Thursdays through Sundays. The DZ operates a small aircraft for slower days, to keep folks jumping. However, when it is busier, they run their larger turbine. You won’t be disappointed by the beautiful view of Mount Ogden during your time in the skies here!

Although Skydive Utah is not quite as close as Skydive Ogden to the wind tunnel, it cannot be forgotten. About an 1:10 minute drive from iFly Utah is the popular Skydive Utah. This drop zone is located right beside Salt Lake in Utah and offers amazing views of the lake and surrounding terrain. This is a busy drop zone with a lot of shredders in our sport. So whether you want to meet new friends or take some coaching, you will find your people here. Skydive Utah runs a Super Grand Caravan that takes 13 minutes to climb to altitude.

Skydive Utah Salt Lake

Skydive Empuriabrava and Windoor

Quite possibly one of the most known drop zones in the world is Skydive Empuriabrava, the land of the skies! Most skydivers have heard of this European drop zone with its Mediterranean sea views and year round jumping. The drop zone is home to some of the sports amazing skydivers, and it is constantly drawing talented skydivers from around the world. There is always some pretty epic jumps and footage coming out of Skydive Empuriabrava. The drop zone has great facilities, with a bar, a big hanger and landing area and of course not to mention you are a short car ride to the beach or the mountains! They run a great fleet of aircrafts, often running more than one plane during each day.

Not only is Empuriabrava famous for the drop zone, but it is a skydivers dream vacation spot because the wind tunnel is literally on the same property as the drop zone. Windoor Realfly is neighbours with the drop zone, so you can walk to each within minutes. Skydivers can fly in the tunnel in the morning, then go to the drop zone and back to the wind tunnel again for a night session! You plan your flying day between the sky and the wind tunnel here, and its super easy. Windoor is also home to some amazing flyers in the wind tunnel world, so no matter who your coach is, you are in good hands!

Windoor Empuriabrava wind tunnel

Skydive Perris and Perris Indoor Skydiving

Here is another facility that operates a wind tunnel on the same property as the drop zone. In Perris Valley, California, you are in another famous mecca for skydiving and training. Skydive Perris has been an extremely popular drop zone for world records, military training, team training and the movie/entertainment business for years. This is because the facilities are made for it. Skydive Perris operates an amazing fleet of aircraft including 5 Skyvans, 3 Twin Otters and a DC9 jet!

So as you can imagine, its a prime location to host these big events and operations. Skydive Perris is open year round with great weather. Often teams, military and record attempts come here for training, as they can jump with ease. The facilities include a bar and restaurant, a swimming pool, large packing areas, and accommodations. The really make it an easy place to get your training in! Of course the drop zone is not limited to just training, fun jumpers can enjoy the fast paced drop zone just the same.

Perris Indoor Skydiving is located just a couple minutes walk from the drop zone, sharing the same property. This SkyVenture 12 foot wind tunnel has been operating for years. It is a busy tunnel with training skydivers ,teams and military, as those who jump during the day often train in the tunnel at night. As well, AFF students of the drop zone are lucky enough to get to train in the facilities with their instructors, making them ready to take on the skies.

Skydive Perris drop zone

Skydive Dubai Dessert and Inflight Dubai

All the way over in Dubai you will find another drop zone and wind tunnel duo. Most likely you have already heard of the Dubai skydiving scene, which has two drop zones. One located in the city by the Dubai Palm, and another Dessert Campus. Skydive Dubai Dessert is the more accessible of the two, in terms of who can jump. It does not have a jump limit and is not as dedicated to tandems. You will find all sorts of fun jumpers, swoopers and of course students at the dessert campus. If you are looking for coaching, the drop zone offers everything from belly to wingsuit coaching. Skydive Dubai Dessert also has a swoop pond, so its perfect for canopy pilots. The facilities include fast aircraft, huge hangars with indoor air conditioned packing mats and there is a bar and accommodations as well.

Just about a 3 minute drive from the drop zone, you will find Inflight Dubai! Inflight is a larger tunnel, with a 16.5 ft diameter. So it is a great wind tunnel to have sitting next door to the drop zone. The wind tunnel is in a big facility, so the space accommodates a lot of people. For example if you are hosting a camp or if there is a competition, Inflight is a great wind tunnel. So if you are feeling too hot from jumping in the Dubai dessert, or want to keep busy in the evening, Inflight Dubai is where you will go! Although you are located outside of the main city by about 30 km, you can stay at the DZ accommodations, eat from the bar and stay a few days enjoying the fast turning loads at the drop zone, and the wind tunnel for extra flying fun.

Skydive Dubair Dessert Campus drop zone

Skydive Arizona and SkyVenture Arizona

Skydive Arizona is another skydiving mecca well known all around the world by our skydiving community. Located near to Eloy, Arizona, it is a huge skydiving facility catering to the needs of all types of skydivers. With year round jumping, this place is always busy and it is running a smooth operation. So if you want to bust out a lot of jumps and then be able to fly in the wind tunnel, Skydive Arizona is where you need to be. From team trainings, boogies, coaching, students to fun jumpers, this place has something for everyone. There are load organizers available always, which is great for fun jumpers arriving without knowing many people. There is also coaching available in every discipline you want.

The facilities hosts a huge hanger for packing. There is a bar and restaurant on the property that makes amazing food, and brings everyone together at the end of the day for a drink and food. Its a really nice place that attracts non-skydivers as well! At the end of the night, you can go home to your tent, trailer, bunkhouse or hotel room. This place has so much options, you never need to leave during your time here.

SkyVenture Arizona is about a 5 minute walk from the drop zone hanger, or even less if you are rushing to make your session. This wind tunnel has been operating since 2005 and ever since its been busy with skydiver and military training. Surely if you make a trip to Skydive Arizona you will have to book some time with your friends or a coach to fly at the wind tunnel. Lucky for the drop zone skydiving students, they have easy access to train with their instructors in the wind tunnel. Students can increase their learning curve for them to become licensed skydivers!

Skyventure Arizona wind tunnel

Skydive Paraclete XP and Paraclete Indoor SkyVenture

Located in Raeford, North Carolina, you will find another perfect flying vacation location! Skydive Paraclete XP is an amazing drop zone with a nice fleet of aircraft for jumpers to enjoy. They fly a Twin Otter, Super Grand Caravan, Skyvan and a CASA 212. This variety in aircraft is a great attraction for team trainings, as they are able to train from different exit doors and aircrafts. The drop zone is also open every day of the week, so you know if you travel to Skydive Paraclete XP, you will be able to get your jumps in! The facilities has indoor packing, a bar and restaurant and a skydive shop. Skydivers are welcome to camp out and use the shower and electricity to enjoy their stay.

At Skydive Paraclete XP skydivers will find a group of amazing flyers, and coaches available. This is partly due to the fact that there is a wind tunnel just a 12 minute drive away from the drop zone. Paraclete XP SkyVenture is actually owned by the same people as the drop zone, who also manufacture jump suits as well. Paraclete XP SkyVenture is one of the first 16 ft tunnels around, and has been open since 2008. There are many talented flyers and coaches that have started here. The skill level between the drop zone and the tunnel is outstanding and you will for sure find great coaches, or just meet new flying friends!

Skydive Paraclete XP skydiving training

SkyVenture Montreal and Parachutisme Adrenaline

This one is for the Canadians! Although there is a skydiving scene in Canada, the indoor skydiving scene has only had a small presence, but is now growing. Those skydivers in Eastern Canada have been lucky to live near Canada’s first indoor skydiving facility. SkyVenture Montreal has been open since 2009, and significantly increased the flying skill level of the jumpers in the area. This was a great opportunity to skydivers to be able to train inside the tunnel in their own country. SkyVenture Montreal is a 14ft tunnel and located in Laval, Quebec, which is a suburb of the city of Montreal.

Although the drop zone isn’t quite as close as some of our other’s, skydivers can take a short 30 minute drive to Parachutisme Adrenaline. The DZ flys both Grand Caravan and a Cessna 206, so you will be able to jump even if only a few of you friends show up. Due to the fact that the wind tunnel is so close, there are a lot of talented flyers. Finding a coach, or fun jumpers won’t be too hard! And of course its possible to fly with your coach or friends in the tunnel and skydive together in the same day.

Coralie at SkyVenture Montreal wind tunnel training

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Now that you have checked out this list of wind tunnels and drop zones that are close to each other, have you decided where you want to go first? This is the perfect way to plan a flying vacation, where you can train in the sky and the wind tunnel. Drop zones near to wind tunnels truly are a match made in heaven!

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