July is slipping by, and there has never been a better time to celebrate summer, color, and each other! The upcoming Colorful Jerseys Boogie is the perfect opportunity to do all three at once. From the 26th to the 29th of July, Colorful Jerseys is hosting a Boogie at Skydance Skydiving in Davis, California.

Why Boogie with Colorful Jerseys?

Unlike many other sports, skydiving requires a lot of people to make the magic happen. The more we share our energy and passion for the sport with each other and others, the better our community becomes. Boogies help reignite our spark for skydiving and inspire us to challenge ourselves more in the sport. Bright colors let us wear our feelings of joy on the outside, and spread the word about our sport.

We come for the rush and thrill of the jumps, but we stay for the community we find in skydiving. We are a family that spans the globe and always looks for ways to help each other out. This event will help support the Colorful Jerseys Foundation (more on that below), with the ultimate goal of building an even better skydiving community.

colorful jerseys friends enjoying an skydiving event colorful jerseys boogie

What to Expect

Well, it’s a boogie, so for starters you can expect to have a lot of fun. When you buy your ticket, you also choose your favorite Colorful Jersey, which you will get on the day of the event. You can expect a lot of jumps, a couple of big ways against a sunset background, and some excellent parties with Djs and live music. You can swap stories with old friends and new buddies around the bonfire. And after the party’s over, included with your registration is entry to the iFly San Francisco Jam on the evening of the 29th.

To check agenda and have more details about the boogie check the event page on facebook.

Load Organizers

A very exciting load organizer is the Father of Freefly himself, Olav Zipster. This is an opportunity to fly with a living legend. Also joining us as load organizers are Luke Echeverria from Skydive Taft and Eric Willett, bringing us angles and energy and all the good times and blue skies we can handle.

colorful jerseys wind tunnel jam during skydiving event colorful jerseys boogie

Color for a Cause

What began as an explosively colorful way to spread the love and happiness through flamboyant color has grown into something much bigger. Colorful Jerseys Foundation was created to answer a need for genuine sponsorship within the skydiving community. All profits generated by Colorful Jerseys event sales and a percentage of jersey sales profits go directly to the foundation. They are used to help support passionate people become skydivers. When you purchase a Colorful Jersey or attend an event hosted by the brand, you are directly contributing to our community’s growth.


And now, a word of thanks to our fantastic event sponsors…
Velocity Rigs has hooked us up with lots of gifts and vouchers! VSE is giving a lot of gifts and 2 vouchers with a great discount for the people who need a new badass rig!

Blue Skies Magazine We got a lot of good vibes from this crew and a few subscriptions to give during the boogie! Stay tuned! Let’s help them to celebrate their 10th anniversary!

Generosity Mutual – (Lending Company for Skydivers) These guys are sending us some smoke grenades to make the sickest jumps even more badass! Thank you guys!

Rider – Riders aren’t just a flip flop or a slide. They’re an attitude, a reflection of a more laid-back way of life. Rider makes some of the most popular casual sandals available, and millions worldwide adore them.

I can’t think of a better way to close the month of July than a boogie at my home dropzone with a bunch of colorful skydivers. Can’t wait to see you there. Until then, blue skies!

If you have any question, please email me at hello[@]augustobartelle.com or leave a message in the comments.

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