My first contact with the Care-All Foundation happened after an event run by the Fly Warriors at Skydive Empuriabrava, Spain. It was the Vertical Head Up World Records Try-Out in Europe and the weather didn’t cooperate with us. Unfortunately, we had to finish the try-outs with 4 fewer jumps than we had planned.

Fly Warriors usually refunds the money from the jump tickets attendees don’t use. However, this time David Nimmo asked us after the event if we would mind donating the money to Care-All Foundation and support our sky family. Long story short, I realized after some research that they are a legit organization with headquarters in Empuriabrava. They are working on some great projects, including helping skydivers and base jumpers that have had accidents and helping children to fly for the first time in the wind tunnel.

What is Care-All Foundation

Care-All Foundation is, true to name, an organization created to help improve conditions in the world for individuals, groups, and communities in need. The organization comprises a group of passionate people from around the world working together to deliver help to others. Overall, the goal of the organization is simply to do good. They accomplish this by offering support, training, and education that will better the lives of their recipients.

To get a feel for the types of charitable giving Care-All Foundation does, look no further than the story of Chuitika Fortune Mwale Manda. This Zambian student and avid environmentalist dreamt of becoming an Environmental Engineer. When he was granted a scholarship to earn a degree in Civil Engineering in Russia, Care-All helped get him get the funds for a computer he needed for his studies. While it is a small contribution to one individual, he has the potential to do so much good in his community and home country with the education he is currently gaining. Care-All Foundation recognizes that supporting individuals can have ripple effects that improve the world.

Care-All Foundation Actions

Sky Family Fest

Care-All Foundation organizes this annual boogie – Sky Family Fest – from November 13-15 in Empuriabrava to raise money for the Sky Family Fund. All the load organizers, tunnel coaches, and entertainers donate their time to the event. The fund is focused on providing support to those affected by skydiving or BASE jumping accidents. This includes ongoing support for the families of those who have tragically lost their lives in skydiving and BASE jumping accidents. This is a way for skydivers to directly support their Sky Family who have experienced the unthinkable.

The aim of Sky Family Fest is to create a space for like-minded people to gather together and share their stories of loss, recovery, and hope. The vision of the event is to create a family atmosphere where we can all contribute to something bigger than ourselves.

What to Expect

The Care-All Foundation event will include skydiving in groups of at least 6 plus a coach. To jump in a smaller group, you can take turns putting in a ticket for a load organizers slot, family-style. Tunnel coaching will be available, and Windoor is offering reduced hourly rates for tunnel flying. Admission tickets are available for combined sky and tunnel, tunnel only, and for Sky Family Members. Tunnel flying is super cool, and you can find more information about indoor skydiving experience in this link. Besides that, wind tunnel and fitness has a lot in common. It helps you fly better and keep you in shape.

All registration fees will go to the Sky Family Fund. Sky and Tunnel registration will include load organizing, access to flying with tunnel coaches, Sky Family dinner on Friday, activities at Windoor, and speeches. Tunnel only is all of the above, minus load organizing. Sky Family Member admission gives access to activity at Windoor and speeches.

Flyer Sky Family Fest Skydiving Boogie at Skydive Empuriabrava and List of Load Organizers

Raffle Tickets and Prizes

Even if you are unable to attend the event, you can purchase raffle tickets online. Each raffle ticket costs 25€, and the proceeds are directly donated to the Sky Family Fund. You can donate multiple times to help more people and increase your chances of winning some cool prizes. From camera mounts to tunnel time, the prizes are all over the map, literally. You can even win a Colorful Jersey– there are 5 that have been donated to the event.

If you are passionate about supporting your skydiving family, this is a wonderful opportunity to do so. This is an organization and cause I can personally vouch for and am proud to contribute to.

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