Burble is the skydiving operating and manifest system of over 130 drop zones around the world. It offers extremely efficient services not only to drop zone owners and staff, but also offers many benefits to us skydivers as well! Surely if you are a skydiver who has travelled to multiple drop zones, by now you have encountered this software program at one of the DZ’s that you have visited! Personally I have only used the program at a minimum along my drop zone hopping. Although after reading and exploring the functions of Burble software, I wish that my current drop zone was also making use of it! Check out this overview of all the amazing features of Burble, and maybe you will learn somethings, as I have!

Burble Drop zone Management Software

Burble is an online booking system designed for skydiving operations. It was created by a drop zone owner, who had an idea to combine his knowledge and experience. Franz Gerschwiler is a drop zone owner and also is an experienced programmer and developer. His idea was to develop a software that would organize all the elements of drop zone management into a user friendly software. Seamlessly integrating all areas of drop zone operations including: bookings, reservations, gift certificate sales, manifesting and reporting. As a DZO, he knew what redundant office tasks could be eliminated by creating this software.

Burble is not just an office program that us skydivers don’t need to pay attention to. Its actually a highly functional program that can make our skydiving lives easier. Furthermore, since the program is making manifest and office staffs job much more seamless, this in turn will benefit us fun jumpers too and the business of our much loved drop zones. There are many cool functions to Burble, but let’s discuss some of the relevant features of the Burble software. Perhaps going into detail of the business side of the software wont be as relevant for us, but we can cover some awesome manifest functions. However first, lets start by talking about the features for jumpers!

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BurbleMe app

When you jump at a drop zone that uses Burble, you need to create an account. This account is going to include much of your information. For example, what gear you use, your reserve data card, potentially your currency, and your drop zone waiver will be linked to your personal details of your Burble account as well. What else is great about your Burble account, is that when you go to a different drop zone and it also uses Burble software, they can pull up your account and skip the time needing to fill in all your personal details again. How nice is that for manifest? Not to mention you wont have to wait as long when rocking up at new drop zones, because a lot of the data entry will already be on your Burble account.

Now we all have smartphones, so I would suggest making use of the BurbleMe application. Yes you can create an account online, however the application is really useful for your days at the drop zone. It is important to note that the functions of the BurbleMe app can change from drop zone to drop zone. What I mean is, it is up to the DZ which access they allow their jumpers to have in the BurbleMe app. So keep this in mind, although the functions are available, they may not be available to use at every drop zone. Just check with manifest to see what functions are offered with each particular drop zones Burble program.


The self manifesting feature is for sure one of the coolest for skydivers. From your BurbleMe app, you are able to check out upcoming loads, and manifest yourself on them. With the ability to see how many sport jumper spots are available on each load, it is easy to see if you and your buddies can get on a load together. Additionally, for load organizers and team jumping, you can group manifest all from your phone!! Next, you can follow along from your app, and see how much time is left before your load goes up. There is even a function to receive a load alert on your phone, or your Apple watch! Also you can see if there will be fuel load, who else is on your load, and any other timing delays.

BurbleMe App software

Logbook and transaction history

The BurbleMe app acts as a logbook for any jumps you have made as well. This is super handy as a transaction history as well. We all know how fast we can go through jumps, and easily forget how many we made in a busy day or weekend. And so, the application will show you all these details. Now you can keep on top of your jump knows and your transactions to the drop zone. Manifest will be super thankful to eliminate all the jumpers questioning how many jumps they made in a day, as it is all handy on your phone!

Jump tickets

Jumping through your tickets too fast? There is also a function to add more money to your account via the application. Dangerous? Yes, for us addictive and obsessed skydivers, this function can be dangerous to our wallets! But it will also eliminate the need to run to manifest when you realize you ran out of jump tickets. What if there is a line of tandems signing in? Do you NEED to make this next load with your friends? Well BurbleMe app has got you covered!

Location notifier

Some of us are able to jump with our smartphones, in our suits or skydiving attire. Please remember when jumping with your phones, to ensure they are safely secured inside your jumping clothing. It is very dangerous to loose a cell phone on a jump, and also very expensive. Safety first guys! Anyway, the location notifier is another useful function of the BurbleMe app. If you happen to land out, you are able to pin your GPS coordinates, which will go to the drop zone, through the application. As well, you can update a status to inform the DZ of your condition, for example “Im ok and walking back”, “need a ride” or “injured”.

Burble and Sigma integration

This integration is also very useful for skydivers, especially ones who travel and frequent other drop zones often. Sigma is the company USPA uses to prove digital credentials, such as the UPSA license and membership card. As a result of the integration, drop zones and manifest will be able  to see a skydivers merits and credentials though the jumpers Burble account. This is a huge win for drop zones and manifest AND jumpers because of the time that it will save to prove in-date licenses, as well as jumper experience. It is extremely efficient to have a jumpers credentials and merits all in one easy accessible spot.

The merit system is a great way to store all of your trainings and experience in an organized online location. Now when you complete trainings or obtain licenses, it can be kept on your account. If you have a tandem rating, or AFF rating, through the merit system, you will see your ratings, and be able to prove they are current. Furthermore, there are many popular skydiving organizations also utilizing the system. And so now you are able to prove trainings and experience as well though your account. For example, if you were to take Flight-1 canopy coaching, your instructor would update your account, proving the training you have completed, as well as leave feedback! If you are part of a competition which uses the system, you will receive data and merits regarding the competition to your account.

“Merits like these have the power to legitimize the industry. These credentials validate training and demonstrate knowledge. These merits are a way to show that you do, in fact, have a certain amount of knowledge and credibility that you are in a position to demonstrate.” – Jay Stokes, former president of the USPA.

Burble Merit

Burble for operations

Jumpers may think that the operations side of the Burble software is not much use for us. However, this is extremely incorrect because if you have been around a DZ long enough, you will see how the whole operation runs a lot more smooth with everyone of us taking an important role. Us skydivers are family, a community, right? So of course if this system makes life easier for the office staff and manifest, well then it in turn makes life easier for us jumpers!


The Burble software is an intuitive manifesting system that takes much stress away from manifest staff. It eliminates redundant date entry, and streamlines the manifesting operations to make a more efficient process in day to day operations. The system is also very user friendly, which makes training manifest staff much more easy. Both tandem and sport jumpers are easily managed through the program, which in turn makes for less wait time for customers up at the manifest desk. This means jumpers will have to spend less time waiting in line for those moments when they do need to speak to manifest.

Automated load calls, tracking and alerts will allow manifest to focus on customers and organizing loads, instead of having to constantly be checking the clock. Furthermore, the display of the automated load tracking, will mean jumpers can just view the screen. No more approaching manifest for the amount of time before their next load!

Burble Bookings

Burble Bookings software allows tandems to have a streamlines reservation and waiver system, all online. The system makes it extremely easy for tandem customers to book their jumps, as well as their friends! The social media integration is a very cool option that I learned about when researching Burble. Tandem customers are able to share their booking on social media and encourage their friends to join their tandem group. Via a link, friends can easily join and book into the tandem group, without even having to call the drop zone. This amazing feature can really generate income for the drop zone, because it is so easily accessible. Customers don’t need to wait to call and try to join the same booking as their friend. They can simply do this all themselves online! Its really fantastic advertising through tandem customers! How innovative is that?

Burble Bookings also make communicating with tandem customers really efficient. For example, if the day turns out to be terrible weather, and re-bookings need to take made. With the click of a button, you can have easy communication with 1-100 customers, sending out texts or emails for rescheduling. Or even just friendly booking reminders! No more need for manifest to individually call up each booking!

Best smile during a tandem skydive in the Maldives

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