All around the world there are incredible places to take skydiving photos. There are so many unique places to be discovered from above, which create breath taking photographs. We have created a list of what we believe to be the best places in the world to take skydiving photos! We think these locations really boast our amazing sport. These photographs can give non-skydivers the opportunity to see some of the beauty that we experience. Check out our list and be sure to share with all your friends. Maybe you can even brag that you have been to one of these locations yourself!

Skydive Mount Everest

So this is not your average skydiving adventure. In fact, only a couple hundred people have had the fortune of making a skydive in the Himalayan Kingdom with the glorious Mount Everest as a back drop. There is also a pretty hefty price tag attached to these tandem and solo skydive opportunities. As one can expect with making a jump at this calibre!  Everest Skydive is a multi-day excursion, requiring a trek to the base camp, training and more additional gear than your average skydive. But we think with these views, the experience is well worth it!

Skydive Everest photo
Skydive Mount Everest – Photo via Everest Skydive Facebook

Skydive Dubai – The Palm

The Palm Jumeirah is a famous man-made island chain in Dubai, which extends into the Persian Gulf. Home to high-class hotels, spa’s, shopping, restaurants, and residential homes. Skydive Dubai – The Palm is a very famous and recognizable place for skydive photographs. The whole experience jumping the palm is amazing. From taking off in the plane on the drop zones personal air craft runway, to your canopy ride next to the ridiculously tall skyline of the Dubai Marina towers.

Skydive Dubai The Palm – Photo courtesy of Augusto Bartelle

Skydive the Maldives

The Republic of Maldives is a a small archipelagic state in Southeast Asia, situated in the Arabian Sea. You might be familiar with this exotic location from seeing photos of the islands bungalows and villas overtop the crystal clear waters. Thankfully groups like Tsunami Skydivers Exotic Boogies host events in these dreamy locations. Check out Augusto’s blog post on his skydiving getaway to the Maldives here. These photographs are so outstanding that they draw attention to the sport, and give the rest of the world an idea of why we love to skydive! Augusto’s photo from his time at the Maldives even won 1st place for sports photographer in the International Photography Awards competition.

Sports photographer of the year IPA
Skydive the Maldives – Photo courtesy of Augusto Bartelle

Sunset Boogie – Alavus Finland

This is an extraordinary skydiving event that takes place in Alavus, Finland. The Sunset Boogie is a unique event that is held midsummer during the night time! Jumping starts in the evening and until the morning hours. The sun does not fully set during this time of the year, so there is enough light to jump. This creates an absolutely stunning backdrop for photos that leave you in awe and makes you want to be part of the action. Check out the Facebook group page for the Sunset Boogie and keep updated for your chance to join this amazing event.

Sunset boogie skydive photograph
Sunset Boogie – Photo courtesy of Lauri Aapro

Rio de Janerio, Brazil

Alright, so technically this is not a drop zone, but skydivers can jump in Rio! Here you will be able to make the climb to altitude, and jump from a helicopter. Flying over the famous city of Rio, with spectacular views of Sugar Loaf Mountains, the beach and the Christ the Redeemer statue overlooking the city. What a ride, what a view! Although there are countless wonderful spots to skydive in Brazil, Rio’s backdrop and unground skydiving scene steals the show for me!

“No one organizes it, but its quite organized – landings on the beach and breath-taking views. That’s Rio babe! Call Rio2Fly and find out more!” – Anonymous

Rio de Janerio Helicopter ride photograph
Helicopter ride to altitude in Rio de Janerio – Photo courtesy of Ewan Cowie Photography

Skydive Empuriabrava

Skydive Empuriabrava has been one of the most well known and famous drop zones for years in our industry. Top class skydivers have been calling this place home and training here for a long time. For both fun jumpers and tandem passengers, the plane ride to altitude, and backdrop for their skydive is heavenly. The beautiful Bay of Roses makes for a gorgeous photo, especially when the sun is reflecting so perfectly off the Mediterranean sea. There is a mountain range to the side, that you can take in views of during the plane ride. Which also contrasts the sea, creating some spectacular photographs.

Skydive Empuriabrava drop zone
Skydive Empuriabrava – Photo courtesy of Augusto Bartelle

Skydive Hel – Poland

You won’t believe this is what Hel looks like! Located on the Helski peninsula, in northern Poland, you can jump this summer haven. Actually, maybe you are like me and did not realize that Poland has a beautiful summer beach area. Well it does! Flying over the 35km Helski sand bar peninsula, you have the Baltic sea to one side, and the Bay of Puck on the other. Skydive Hel operates during the summer months, for tandems and fun jumpers, even offering beach landings along the Baltic sea.

Tandem in Skydive Hel Poland
Poland – Skydive Hel – Photo courtesy of Kamil Jarosz

Skydive Moab – Utah

Once voted in the top 10 most scenic places to skydive in the world, Skydive Moab showcases the beauty of south eastern Utah, USA. The backdrop for skydiving photos here is the unique rock canyon country, surrounded by endless natural parks. A real unique and beautiful location, with views of twisting canyon rivers!

Skydive Moab Canopies flying
Skydive Moab – Photo via Skydive Moab Facebook page

Skydive Bovec – Slovenia

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful valley in the world to skydive. The drop zone is located in the Bovec Basin, also called “The Emerald Beauty”. When you see footage from this drop zone, you will understand the name! When skydiving here, you will be surrounded by the alps, with mountains reaching up to 8500 ft. The stunning backdrop of endless mountains and the Soča River below makes Skydive Bovec a must visit for the perfect skydiving photograph. Imagine your plane ride to altitude with these views?

Skydive Bovec Canopy landing
Skydive Bovec – Photo via Skydive Bovec Facebook page

Skydive the Blue Hole – Belize

This is another one of those “once in a lifetime” skydives. Skydiving the Blue Hole in Belize is not something that happens all the time, these are organized events, by groups such as Tsunami Skydivers Exotic Boogies. Jumping in National Parks have some extra fee’s and paperwork, but we are thankful organizers put the effort in to make these events happen. After jumping from the airplane above the Blue Hole, you will land in the water! Landing beside a dive boat, you can switch yourself into diving gear, and go for an epic scuba dive. Only for the most adventurous thrill seekers around!

Skydive Belize Blue Hole
Skydive Belize the Blue Hole – Photographer unknown

Pacific Skydiving Honolulu

Basically, who wouldn’t want to see the Hawaiian island of Oahu from 14,000 ft? What a magical view it is! Photographs taken while jumping at Pacific Skydiving Honolulu always make me want to book a vacation immediately. The view of the lush jungles, mountains and beautiful north shore beach are unreal. In the backdrop, skydiving over the ocean with the beautiful island nature alongside, and sometimes even a rainbow! The skydive photographs here are for sure a good way to brag about how damn lucky we are to skydive.

Skydive Pacific Honolulu wingsuit photo
Pacific Skydiving Honolulu – Photo by Joshua Turner via Pacific Skydiving Honolulu Facebook page

Skydive Egypt

Although there is no permanent drop zone in Egypt, there are now events being held by groups to host skydivers in jumping over the great pyramids of Giza. Sky Seekers have now hosted 7 events for people all around the world to come and make these remarkable skydives. Jump like a Pharaoh skydiving events are also hosted in Egypt for licensed skydivers to come to jump the pyramids. Jump like a Pharaoh also has a program for Egyptian’s who want to learn to skydive! They organize for locals to go to other countries to obtain their skydiving licenses! The skydiving photographs that come out of these events are insanely special. Imagine being some of the first people ever to jump from a plane and skydive over the pyramids of Giza? These photographs are historical. Without a doubt, skydivers and non-jumpers alike can appreciate the magic of this photo opportunity.

Skydive Egypt jump over Pyramids
Sky Seekers Boogie – Skydiving in Egypt – Photo courtesy of Tim Parrent

Keep coming back

This article displayed a few photographs from the best places in the world to take skydiving photos. The photographers taking these pictures are masters at their trade. Please take the time to follow the links and view their work. Be sure to contact them for inquiries if you love their work. And don’t forget, if are ever in these areas, or have a special opportunity, be sure to book your skydive. You won’t regret it! 

If there are incorrect credits or links, and we need to change that, be sure to contact the blog. If you like the article, please let me know; send me an email or a message on Instagram. I want to know about your experience and thoughts!

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