Are you wondering where to go skydiving over your winter holiday this year? Well, we have researched for you the most incredible places to skydive during the Christmas and New Year holidays! As a Canadian, I have always felt our jumping seasons were way too short. While missing the sport, I could also run the risk of becoming uncurrent. If you have similar feelings about the winter off-season, consider the option of traveling to warmer destinations to get your jump on!

Don’t forget to check out how to travel with your skydiving gear and have a checklist of everything you need before you leave home. Places near to the beach might request flotation devices and a B License. Always be aware of the requirements and avoid any surprises.

There are so many amazing holiday skydiving boogie options to check out, and here are a few on my list!

Freakfly Festival – Skydive Deland, USA

This year is the 4th edition of the Freakfly Festival hosted by Zion Freefly – Norwegian National Artistic Skydiving team. This event runs from December 27, 2019 – January 4, 2020. It’s a mix of both fun boogie and multi-disciplined skill building camps. 

Popular load organizers will be shredding this boogie, like Zion Freefly, Fly4Life, Joyriders, Tribu Freefly, Alter Ego and more! You will find angle flying camps suited for beginners, intermediate and advanced, as well as an intro to angles group. Looking for some canopy play? Team Alter Ego will be hosting beginner to advanced canopy coaching, flocking and XRW camps. This boogie has wingsuiters covered as well, with Dan Darby available for full day coaching. Oh and be ready, outside camerman Roy Wimmer Jaglom will be ripping around this whole boogie, giving us all a chance to see your wicked flying skills in action. 

January 1st is an official “off-date” for this holiday skydiving boogie, which indicates just how wild the FreakFly Festival New Years Eve party will be! This years theme is Wonderland SustainaBALL, an event created only with reused materials. Dress code is suits or long dresses. Also, skydivers are encouraged to not buy anything new, only reuse or get creative making your own outfit. 

For event registration, camp fees and jump ticket prices please visit their facebook page. You will find access to their website and selection of camps to choose from. 

The Freakfly Festival in Florida is a Holiday Skydiving Boogie

New Years Beach Boogie – Skydive Puerto Escondido, Mexico 

This skydive holiday boogie has been a “must” for skydivers for  many years. It is located in the western portion of Oaxaca’s coast and this pop-up drop zone only opens for boogies. Check in is December 26, 2019 and check out January 3rd, 2020. No worries if you are not ready to leave quite yet, the dropzone and plane sticks around for a little while after the boogie dates. And so, you can keep jumping and living the dream in paradise!

This boogie is fully stacked with load organizers from Luis Prinetto, Remi Angeli, Roberta Mancino, Fernando Gallegos, world renowned skydive photographer Norman Kent and many more. Climb fast to altitude over Playa Zicatela in the Super Twin Otter, while landing every jump on the beach. The beach goers will cheer you on like the rockstar that you know you are! From there, it is only a short walk back to the dropzone, where you have shaded packing areas, an onsite restaurant. There is even a natural pool to hop into when you need! One of my favorite parts of this boogie is the sunrise jumps, first load of every day goes to 17,000ft. So try not to party to hard amongst the vibrant night life – which did I mention is walkable from the DZ? 

Be sure to enjoy the boogies additional events, such as night swimming in a lagoon with bioluminescent phytoplankton. Visit local markets or  just chill out and watch some experienced surfers ride the famous, temperamental waves of Puerto Escondido. 

Registration for this boogie is $150 USD. You also can purchase a combination of registration and 25 block of jumps tickets for $815 USD. Check out their Skydiving Boogie Event Page.

Skydiving Boogie in Puerto Escondido for the New Years 2020.

Skydive Spain XMAS Boogie – Skydive Seville, Spain

Located in southern Spain, just a 20 minute drive from the historic city of Seville, you will find the annual XMAS Boogie at Skydive Spain. Running from December 21, 2019 to January 3, 2020, you can celebrate the holiday season shredding the skies in sunny Spain.

Do you like to get high? Then this skydive holiday boogie is for you! Every load goes to 15,000ft, and in Skydive Spain’s Dornier G92 aircraft, it takes only a quick 13 minutes to climb to altitude with 15 skydivers. Really, could you ask more from Santa Claus this Christmas? The boogie has a restriction to the number of registered participants in order to make the experience as beneficial as possible for jumpers. You can purchase two separate packages, or both, depending on your availability and interest. Some of Europe’s finest and familiar faces will be organizing, from Alethia Austin, Jesse “Tex” Leos, Matty Mitchel, Rob Heron, Regan Tetlow, David Dornan and Adrian Daszkowski on camera. There will be wicked daily videos, raffle giveaways, food on site as well as an organized Christmas dinner and NYE party. 

Package #1 has a registration fee of €50 and package #2 is €100. Jump tickets are regular €28.50, however you can also purchase and use block jump tickets. The two options available are 10 jumps – €276.00 and 25 jumps – €677.50. More info on Skydive Spain website.

Skydive Spain has its Xmas Boogies in 2020 with great load organizers.

Christmas Boogie, Arabian Nights – Skydive Arizona, USA

This years Christmas Boogie at Skydive Arizona will be an enchanting experience with an arabian nights themed agenda. The boogie starts on December 21, 2019 until January 1, 2020. This flexible event allows you to register for the whole boogie, or you can purchase day passes as well.

This holiday skydive boogie offers affordable jump tickets, and a variety of aircrafts will keep you wanting to jump more and more. There will be Skyvan, DC-3 and hot air balloon jumps to choose from. Yes please! Load organizing will be available from all of Arizona’s teams, so if you are looking to fly VFS, FS or freestyle, they’ve got you covered. This fun boogie plans everyday to include after jumping fun, from “genies in a bottle” tunnel LED glow night, traditional Christmas dinner, “The Sultan’s Palace” casino night, and of course a NYE gold themed party. Check out their website for a full list of all the fun daily activities available. 

As mentioned above, this event offers full boogie registration at $55 USD or $20 for single day passes. Skydive Arizona is replacing Santa Claus this Christmas by offering boogie attendants with $22 jump tickets. Score! 

Skydive Arizona will have their Christmas and New Year event in 2020.

Beach Boogie 2020 – Skydive Vallarta, Mexico

Alright, so the boss won’t give you Christmas or New Years off work? No worries, there is still a destination boogie for you! Skydive Vallarta hosts their Beach Boogie, a 10 day event from January 24, 2020 to February 3, 2020. This place will surely beat your winter blues. 

This boogie does have certain requirements, which include a 200 minimum jump, or 100 jumps with a canopy course and B-license. 13,500ft jumps, with deals on bulk jumps tickets, all beach landings and super sick swoop lines for the experienced canopy pilots. Load organizers, cafeteria with fresh ceviche, contests, giveaways and a final day FIESTA is waiting for you. 

Want to train hard? During the boogie you can attend a four day camp hosted by the super stoked Remi Angeli. An additional registration fee is required, as well you must have 300 jumps and at a minimum be able to fly in your quadrant in a belly track. Split into groups of four, plus coach, you will be organized by levels and expected to complete six jumps per day. Check out this camp and fly with some of Mexico’s best including Remi Angeli, Franco Darman, Yair Gallardo, Diego Duvel and Jose Miguel. You are guaranteed to receive personal briefing, debriefing and valuable feedback. Join the group for yoga on the beach in the mornings! Visit Remi Angeli’s facebook page for more information on this camp.

Skydive Vallarta is hosting this event with a $120 USD registration fee, and a series of ticket packages available: 5 tickets – $175, 10 tickets – $330 and 15 tickets – $465. More info, please check Skydive Vallarta Event Page.

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