Where are the best places to skydive is the question I ask me over and over again. The answer changes every year. There are always new places to check-in, new drop zones are opening around the world and new people moving around (and that can totally change a skydiving center). There are many places I don’t even know exists.

I’ve been traveling around a lot lately, and I still want to keep doing it. With so many places to go, it’s kinda frustrating how big this list can become. However, if I only can pick 10 places to skydive, I’d select the places that I have some kind of history with it.

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All the places below have some importance in my life. The reasons can be, first place, my mom did a tandem jump, a competition I participate, home drop zone and, so on. The only thing I can assure you is that if you visit any of those places, your travel and skydiving experience will be fantastic.

How can I find the right skydiving center?

To start, an excellent article I recommend is How to Find a Good Skydiving Center to Jump. You might be thinking that those drop zones are too far away. I can’t travel that far for a tandem skydive or a few fun jumps. That said, it’s essential to recognize the difference between a good and a not so good skydiving center. 

Do you have more lists?

Yes, we do. Since we started the blog, we have been working on different content, including best places to skydive lists.

The world is big, we don’t have all the lists we want to do ready yet. However, we had time to select 10 locations that are super sick to skydive in the USA. Also, we did a little research in Europe and put together a list of the best 10 drop zones to jump in Europe. There are many people I know that love Australia. One of them is Cori Sirois, she works with us, and she created a great list of the 5 best skydiving centers to jump in Australia.

End of 2019, we were discussing the new topics to work on, and holidays came up to our minds. This brainstorm creates one more special list of the best holiday destinations for skydiving. There you will find fantastic skydiving events that everyone would love to go to.

We have many lists to create in the future, if you have any idea, please few free to send it to us

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